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by neddy
Sat Aug 18, 2001 7:31 pm
Topic: Tape loops in Dub
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Tape loops in Dub

As i can't afford a sampler, to loop drum beats or bass phrases i recently started cutting tape loops for my reel to reel. I was thinking of getting my hands on a couple more reel to reels and running loops of the same BPM thru delays, flangers, vibrato and envelope filter. Anyone else tried this k...
by neddy
Sat Aug 18, 2001 7:13 pm
Topic: Mixing desks!
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Mixing desks!

Anything with 4+ channels, some kind of EQ and pan. Its not what you've got, its what u do with it. Simpler equiptment forces you to be more creative and learn new tricks.
by neddy
Thu Aug 09, 2001 6:08 pm
Topic: The ultimate Dub home entertainment system....
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The ultimate Dub home entertainment system....

I recently came across a Sony 320 Tapecorder. It's a 1970s vintage domestic 1/4 inch reel to reel with built in amplification and speakers. The speakers have got those retro oval speaker cones and for mastering and listening to dub it cannot be beaten. By recording at 3 3/4 IPS with the VU meters r...