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by Yvo 2000
Wed Aug 28, 2002 1:01 pm
Topic: Ganja & Dub Production
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Ganja & Dub Production

Well said from all the guys who tell them bb-sound boy that smokin' ain't the way of doing good dub music... i quit smokin' for a long time now and my music has never sounds so good... but back to the guitar skank topics : <BR>I used sampler (reason Reddrum) mixed or alternated with the pia...
by Yvo 2000
Sun Sep 02, 2001 9:45 pm
Topic: how to get that ching,ching guitar sound?
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how to get that ching,ching guitar sound?

Hi Ruu... if you mon can no play that guitar thing why do not try to use a sampler ? <BR> <BR>I know you mon sed u no mess wit no digital thing but this will help u a lot and mek u mix good dub vibrations earlier than to wait until u got that guitar skank technik... <BR> <BR>there is sampling cd on...