Notting Hill Carnival

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Notting Hill Carnival

Post by interruptor » Sun Aug 19, 2001 12:43 am

I'll go to the Notting Hill Carnival th&icirc;s year. I wanted to do that for almost ten years and now it will finally happen! <BR> <BR>Has anyone here been there already? Any tips and hints you could give me? Any special places/events to go or not to go? <BR> <BR>thanks <BR>the interruptor

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Notting Hill Carnival

Post by DC » Mon Aug 20, 2001 10:25 am

to me the only iteresting ones this year are. Aba Shanti I and Jah Observer. But i heard some things from UK people that the carnival is controlled now and quits at 0.00 H. In the past it was like anyone who had a sound could build it up and play.Now you need a permit to play. <BR>So i think the magic is gone.

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Notting Hill Carnival

Post by johny2bad » Mon Aug 20, 2001 7:27 pm

yeah, there is a curfew kinda. But Aba Shanti I is always magical, even if you see him for 15 minutes. Look at this place to see where and when he plays: <BR> <BR><A HREF=" ... ntdown.htm" TARGET="_top"> ... own.htm</A> <BR> <BR>I don't know for sure but i was hearing a rumour that there will be a few after carnival Dub soundsystems at clubs nearby. You'll have to keep a look our while your there. <BR>Aside from that i would suggest not taking too much money with you and if you do know where the after carnival dub party is go there before it all closes down. There is a MASSIVE squeeze to go on tubes and buses when the music is over.

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