Hi again.

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Hi again.

Post by Shintogurl » Sun Jun 02, 2013 8:10 pm

Hi folks. Just a quick post to say hi as I'm new to the forum. I already posted this in the none Dub section but thought I'd put it here too as it is relevant I think. Anyway.
I have loved Reggae for years but have only really got into Dub reggae in the last few years. I am an amateur musician and producer and I am at college at the moment studying Music Tech. Unfortunately due to living expenses I won't be able to do the 2nd year of the course. But I am hoping to take what I have learned from the first year and build on that and eventually start my own studio.
I really want to try and make Dub style recordings, mainly Reggae but also trying to add the Dub influence on other tunes. I have not really had any success yet in trying to make a Dub recording as I have lacked the equipment and don't fully have the knowledge of the VSTs available to me yet. I have made a track that is on Soundcloud at the moment that is an experiment in learning how to do Dub effects. https://soundcloud.com/shintogurl/some-kinda-dub I don't think it's very good really, but it's a start. It was done on an iPad app, Rebirth by Propellorhead. I think I can do better with practice and hopefully will soon be able to produce a real recording and then do a dub version using real drums and instruments.
I am a drummer, albeit an amatuer one and I have a drum kit sitting waiting to be used. I do have a guitar but the wires inside need resoldering, not something I have experince with but I'm gonna give it a try. As for bass, well I could borrow one off me Ex, or just do it on synth or VST instrument.
I hope to learn a lot from this forum and as far as I can see there's as much information available here as there is on the rest of the web combined so I think I'm in the best place.
Also I have been thinking about how to try and build my own tape delay machine just using some old tape recorder components and a lot of trial and error moments. It might be a waste of time, but we have a few old tape players and a couple of tape recorders in the house so I think a bit of bedroom butchery of the electronic kind will be taking place, all in the name of science.
Anyway I've waffled enough. This was just meant to be a short intro not a life story.
I look forward to learning lots and hopefully producing some tunes you can all be happy to listen to.

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