"Repentance" - Perry's 54th studio album

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"Repentance" - Perry's 54th studio album

Post by interruptor » Tue Aug 19, 2008 7:58 pm

The new Perry album mentioned recently seems to be approaching fast. Here's a first review:
http://www.canada.com:80/calgaryherald/ ... 498a6ca758

Heath Mccoy writes in the Calgary Herald:
Dub Reggae - At the age of 72 legendary producer and dub/reggae pioneer Lee (Scratch) Perry remains every bit as bizarre as history suggests he is.

"The Upsetter," as he likes to call himself, has teamed up with another absolutely batty character from the fringes of pop culture, hard rock/motivational speaker Andrew W.K., who has produced Repentance, Perry's 54th studio album.

Who could dream up such a strange and unlikely duo? Also contributing to the disc are DJ/singer-songwriter Moby and Chris Stein from Blondie. The result is a record as weird and unsettling as it is catchy and cool. Kickoff tracks Shine and Fire are vintage Perry-style dub in all its surrealism, but they incorporate modern electronic grooves.

Pum Pum takes the modernization much further, an infectiously kinky club-ready dance single that finds Perry playing the dirty old man scouring New York City's night scene looking for "fresh young pum pum."

Santa Claus is driven by a thumping techno beat and a searing guitar riff as Perry rambles crazily about partying it up with the likes of Saint Nick and Mickey Mouse.

Party Time mixes electronic grooves with those of world beat and the combination is hard to resist.

Perry's dark side is indulged on tunes like War Dance, God Save His King and especially on the creepy Baby Sucker, where he seems to be accusing Catholic priests of being vampires out to molest various members of the family unit, including our babies.

It's a real shame that a Calgary gig Perry had scheduled for September has been cancelled.

But it's nice to see The Upsetter still has so much to offer.

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