Need help with AKAI S3000XL

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Need help with AKAI S3000XL

Post by techjazh » Thu Sep 24, 2009 5:17 pm



I recently brought this sampler off a someone and the person I brought it from told me that I wouldn't have any problems getting the sound out the sampler. It is my fault really for not researching enough about before hand. The problem I am having is trying to get the sound out the sampler to my laptop. At the same time I am also very confused about what happens after the sound is imported to the right destination.
I have checked out MESA software but I have no way of using that on my laptop. I was wondering if it is possible to set up the sampler with my sequencer and record direct that way? I can get a signal into the audio channel, which I have tried.

This leads me on to my next question. If I was to use an old set up with the MESA software. When you import the samples to your sequencer after all the conversion. Do the samples go in the audio channel or midi channel?

Your help would be really appreciated. Have a good day! :D

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Post by Neil C » Fri Sep 25, 2009 7:45 pm


You can connect either the analogue outputs or digital outputs to your audio interface and record the sampler output like you would record any audio signal. Just like you would record an outboard synth.
To transfer samples as data you would have to use either the SCSI interface (I don't know how you would connect that to a modern computer there must be some kind of converter cable or unit) or floppy discs are an option too, but these now belong in a past generation of computing. I think floppies have a capacity of about 1.1MB. SCSI would be preferable if you can set it up.

In the days of the s3000 it was I think more usual to use a stand alone SCSI hard drive or zip drive.
See Mike Zee's comments in the other S3000 thread here.

As far as I know the S3000 doesn't have any preset sounds (and if it does it will be very few) - you have to load samples in it to play a sound from it. You will have to transfer samples into it via the SCSI or the floppy disc drive, or record audio into it (which will be lost when you turn it off if you can't transfer samples out, unless the unit has the optional flash RAM board).

MIDI is MIDI - MIDI is not an audio signal and cannot carry audio data. It cannot be used to transfer sample data.

Page 11 of the manual gives you an example of a setup.
The manual is here: ... NrAGMAalAw

You have to:
1) Treat the sampler in terms of connections like any electronic instrument
2) Work out how you are going to transfer samples into the unit

If you are trying to use the sampler as an audio recorder, don't bother. You are better off getting a half decent audio interface if you don't have one, and recording sound directly into your computer. Unless you have a an older computer that isn't up to the job (and that might have an SCSI connection or floppy drive).

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Post by Flamprider » Wed Aug 13, 2014 3:21 pm

Hi, my guess is that you need something like this ... nv_01.html
But that is pure speculation.

The way I'd go about it if Mesa is not a option is by using a midi to usb adapter and have your computer software triggering the sampler in sync, then both sources sent to a mixing desk.
you might want to have a look on Akai Mpc Forum, you may be able to find a answer there.
I use a S3000 but I have a mpc 2000 that I use as my sequencer, so I am not really in a position give you a definite answer, but hopefully this may help.

I use a usb flopy drive that to transfer files from computer to sampler, but as mentioned, floppys only hold 1.44 mb.
So mostly just short drum samples.

Best of luck.

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