"Foreigners dominate Billboard reggae"

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"Foreigners dominate Billboard reggae"

Post by interruptor » Wed Nov 19, 2008 9:34 pm

from the Jamaica Gleaner:
Foreigners dominate Billboard reggae
published: Tuesday | November 18, 2008
SIX OF the 10 discs in Billboard Magazine's Reggae Chart are by non-Jamaican acts. Veteran British group UB40 heads the latest listing with its Greatest Hits. (...)
Now that makes a funny headline if one is reading it outside of Jamaica :-)

This reminds me of a show by the The Abyssinians in Switzerland a few years back. One of the singers talked to the audience in patois and expected a response. Since hardly anybody understands jamaican patois in Switzerland the crowd reaction was very weak. So he exclaimed "Oh you are foreigners, you don't understand..".
Cute :whistle:

link: Billboard Reggae Album Chart (USA)

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