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Al Vuelo
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Welcome Thread?

Post by Al Vuelo » Thu Feb 04, 2010 2:35 am

Sorry if there is a 'Hello' kinda thread, i couldnt find one! just thought id say hello and try get an idea of how active this forum still is....the content is amazing, i feel as though ive stubbled across a gold mine!

I'm Jordan.

To be honest, im not a huge Dub fan. Its not that i dont like it! not at all...just its not a genre (culture?) ive been massively aware of..the kinda community im from is miles from this, but im all about finding new instresting places in music, and im deffinatly quite spiritually musically
if anyone could hook me up with a list 'TOP 5' songs you need on your Dub Playlist, it would be much apprieciated! there can be any bad karma to follow for showing someone tunes that make yea freak out haha

Theres quite a few independent dub-step nights in a town near me, on a thought, i should probably get involved! Im right in saying Dub is different to Dub-step right?
I listen to Fat Freddies Drop...are they fall in the league of Dub?
Please! I need an education on this! ha

Looking over this site, theres some gold to be had that can be applied to more than dub, such as one...recording an AM radio through some effects. Ive just spent the last hour playing with my radio and a Kaoss Pad into Ableton, with a bit of a low-pass filter on and a ping-pong delay.
I recorded it, so will post it sometime when i edit the video down to less than 10 minutes haha! i recorded it in ableton, so i'll up load the WAV if anyone wants to take any of it, they can! (ask me below to PM the link if you interested for when i get it up)

I like to think of myself as a producer, although im training to be a sound engineer (im 21 in my first year of Uni in Manchester, UK). Any songs im pleased with at the time of completion i usually upload to here -
Although this site has only seen 3 or 4 songs over the 2 years of existance of this particuler project, and hardly any hits.

But anyways, this is mainly because i know im still developing as a producer so i havent told anyone about it (untill now, this is my first announcment i guess...and quite possibly no one will see it haha!)
Also, 3 or 4 im pleased with...the main struggle i have is saying 'yea, thats bouncable, thats a piece of music worth showing people'

So on the myspace, there are 3 tracks now, all form a period stretched over 2 years, so the genres are different slightly as they have changed as ive grown musically - any feed back is really welcome, in fact i want people to feedback on them if you can!!

All my songs are made at home in my spare room with my little DAW (if anyone want specs of my set-up ill write them up if you ask), i cant seem to get creative enough when im not in my natural environment....thats something i need to snap out of. new years resolution decided right there! haa

My project's called Al Vuelo which hopefully translates to 'On the Fly' in english if i got that right!! (i need to double to check with someone who can speak spanish better than me haha)
But, really, i like to think of it as 'A Vision In Bloom'

Ideally i'd like to build a set up and play live with some mind expanding visuals going on like from the film 'Waking Life' or something. i dont know i dont know....alot of ideas shooting around my head!

So yea, if anyone else is active round here, it would be nice to here from you, and what are you working on, etc...

Cheers for reading this novel length 'hello',

(please move this into the approriate discussions if completly im in the wrong place! sorry)
Al Vuelo - myspace.com/alvuelomusic - 3 quite different track over the period of 2 years, kinda shows my growth as a producer i guess - any feedback very wellcome!

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Neil C
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Post by Neil C » Thu Feb 04, 2010 1:52 pm

Some nice stuff going on there in your MySpace.
Don't Go is very Moby-like.
Bi-Polar's mix was very good indeed. Good sound choices/arrangement. Maybe could have more overall variance in the structure.
Last track is a bit muddy, but you probably know that.

Drums very good on all tracks.

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Welcome to Dub

Post by JahNice » Thu Feb 11, 2010 9:03 am

Welcome Al Vuelo!

Fat freddys is not dub for me personally although they have a lot of dub influences in their music!

About some history on DUB check this:



Like you noticed for yourself, EVERYBODY like to take from dub, the production techniques are revolutionary and can be used for many styles of music, to make it a more exciting listening pleasure. All kind of electronic music has dub elements, many genres have came out of dub, such as jungle, drum&bass, dubstep ect..The problem i see here is that most people are NOT AWARE about this.. Except some reggae people, dubheads and some few music producers from other genres..So what is important for me as an "reggae/dub artists" is that the original roots of dub are recognized and respected by the world more & more everyday!

So my tunes suggestion for you would be strictly ROOTS DUB music for now.. and it go something like this:

Augustus Pablo – King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown
(first dub tune i ever heard and recognised as something different than the reggae i had heared before..) (later on you should check everything by King Tubby)

Lee Perry - Super Ape (later on must check all stuff by Lee "$cratch" Perry)

[King Tubby and Lee "Scratch" Perry are looked upon as the fathers/inventors of dub]

Linton Kwesi Johnson - Fite Dem Back
Linton Kwesi Johnson - Sonny's letter (check some Dub Poet Style)

king jammy video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-KsWcv6YnM

^^nice old video with some original live dubbing as its supposed to be 8-) (my personal opinion always)


^^Some original roots of today played by Aba Shanti I on notting hill canival, tune called praise him by hyah binghy produced by Keety Roots...cant find the dub version of this right now but the video of the original tune played on Aba Shanti I Soundsystem is great also. :)

This list could be endless, but i guess you ll find your way from here. maybe you re into a more modern , electronic approach.

Also i urge u to get the Documentary called Dub Echoes and the one called Musically Mad!

I'm gonna check your myspace soon .

Peace Yiannis

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