Marley Bobble Head

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Marley Bobble Head

Post by interruptor » Wed Sep 09, 2009 10:54 pm

The intended "cracking down on counterfeiters" mentioned in the press release regarding the new Marley marketing venture seems not to be very effective yet.. The makers of this Marley bobble head figure probably think they'll get away because the name "Marley" is not written on it. The sillyness of the product together with a nauseatingly phony promo blurb are truly hard to stomach :puke:
Fans of Bob Marley will be excited to see the amazing legend hero created as a great Bobble Head and that he is singing one of his most famous songs ‘Buffalo Soldier’. The Bob Marley Bobble Head fixed on a ‘Buffalo Soldier’ stand probably is the best way to depict the popular Reggae legend.

“Buffalo Soldier” song is an ode to all African origin people who immigrated to America and fought for survival; Yeah, they did arrive and survive. This year is a celebration of Bob Marley, all other Africa-American singers and Black music for another reason – The President of United States of America, Barack Obama himself has his roots in Africa.

Nothing much has changed though in Africa. Poor people from African continent still have to flee their troubled, conflict ridden, poor nations and arrive on the shores of unknown nation as “Buffalo Soldier” – fighting on arrival, fighting for survival as the song goes. The song is so true even today.

This Bob Marley Bobble Head will be popular with all his fans and fans of Reggae music which celebrates even the most difficult of struggles. A must have for all those who collect celebrities statues and Bobble Heads. Everyone needs a face of a hero for inspiration and motivation. Order Reggae Legend Bob Marley Bobble Head here for $10.99 and play his songs to make Bobble Head come alive in your home and inspire young minds.

Interested in other legendary Bobble Heads? Check out the Bruce Lee Bobble Head or Star Trek Spock Bobble Head, for these Bobble Heads will be best gifts for their fans too for whom these are not toys but collectibles.
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Post by JahNice » Thu Sep 10, 2009 2:04 pm

ouch!!!! Now thats what i call ugly...........

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