Melodica Hohner 32 Jubilee Anniversary 50th LE

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Melodica Hohner 32 Jubilee Anniversary 50th LE

Post by PiniPon » Fri Jan 02, 2009 9:43 pm

Hi all brothers , thx for the place to post , i´m from Argentina with some months playing basically melodica and other instruments too.

Well , my specific dude is about this melodica release that hohner put in stores. The name Hohner 32 Jubilee Anniversary 50th , it looks really nice , you can see it at " ... nivers.htm " for see more description.

The price is right , but my dude is its sound itselfs. Its +60EUR than the original and classic Hohner Piano 32 but , in a youtube´s video , that you can see here " ... annel_page ". It appears to sound with a little more attack. It´s only my suppose because there are 2 melodicas players plays with a different method for sure.

Well , added to the dude , i want to know if i can buy it via internet.
The only place that i founded is " Thomann " but the ship isn´t for my country.

Thanks for all and good vibes .

Jah bless !

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Post by interruptor » Wed Jan 07, 2009 7:43 pm

- On this site it says the anniversary model is limited to 500 pieces. I cannot imagine that they would put any development effort into a new instrument which will be sold only 500 times! Therefore I am quite sure that the sound must be the same as on the standard model.

- The following description in german from a trade fair website says that the keyboard of the anniversary model has been "technically improved". Again , I'm sure they will also implement this improvement in the standard instrument. Why shouldn't they? ... 0086&cid=1
Stand: A3 - 137
PIANO 32 JUBILEE (50th Anniversary Melodica)


- neue Farbe: Candy Red Lackierung für Körper und Halbton-Tasten, schwarze Ganztontasten
- technisch verbesserte Tastatur
- neuer schwarzer Anblasschlauch
- zwei Mundstücke (rot und schwarz)
- neue Jubiläums-Tasche im veredelten Retro-Design
- vollfärbiger Umkarton – speziell für POS-Werbung
- 4-seitiger Farb-Prospekt über 50 Jahre Melodica
- limitierte Sonder-Edition (500 Stück)
- Made in Germany
- UVP 199 Euro
- erhältlich ab November 2008

EE-Preis: 62 Euro
Order-No.: C94613

- Some further shops which have the anniversary model in stock are:

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