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classic 80s pop-click-scratch sound?

Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2013 12:20 pm
by oontyex
** also posted this under keyboards/ synth but then realised that it would have been better to post it here - sorry for the double up **

Hi, new to the forum, it looks amazing from what I've seen!


I play piano and organ in a reggae/ dancehall band in Australia (and also some percussion). I'm hoping to find that classic awesome 80's sound that was used to make the pop-click-scratch sound that drives the groove in e.g.

Jimmy Riley - Love & Devotion


Black Uhuru - Guess whos coming to dinner

The closest I've come is my putting a very percussive sound from my hammond through an envelope - which makes a nice poping bubbly sound that works well in that vibe - but I'd love to get a wav (or 2 wav files?) that I could load into drum pads for it.

Wondering how they made the sound in these recordings (synth drum or keys synthesiser?) and if anyone has any wav files/ suggestions on how to replicate it.

Big thanks,
Jamie :-) :-)

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 8:52 pm
by interruptor

I think these are two electro percussion thingies played by Sly Dunbar. I remember seeing a Peter Tosh concert on TV decades ago where Sly had two of them attached to his drum kit. I zapped around youtube for a while but couldn't find that concert again..
Anyway the easiest way to get the sound would be to sample it from the Black Uhuru tune at around 3:17 where you can hear it solo for ca 2 seconds: ... uvM#t=194s
I'd say you owe it to yourself and to the creators of the music to at least buy the CD instead of sampling it from a mediocre mp3 rip (or even worse from youtube, brrr!)..

Daniel / The Interruptor

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:04 pm
by oontyex
Thanks Dan,
I was hoping to find out the drum
machine if was from so I could purchase that machine's samples or even try to get one. But, sampling from a recording sounds like a good back up plan.
Do you any suggestions on how to approach it? Like if I get their cd how to pull out a small section and turn it into a wav file?
I'm quite new to that sorry (had mostly played piano in a ska / rocksteady band , so the digital side is still new to me)