80's and 90's Dancehall drums

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80's and 90's Dancehall drums

Post by MarkyP » Sun Nov 05, 2023 8:10 pm

As a fairly new member I just thought I'd share a bit of info regarding drums from the 80s and 90s dancehall era.

After studying the subject of that genre and era I wanted to especially recreate the drums and piano sounds and if I wanted to do that I would need something that is up to the job of doing so.

So, maybe some of you veterans and novices alike may or may not of heard of a VST instrument called VPROM by Aly James. It is a perfect recreation of the LinnDrum machine for the drum sounds of that era gone with the added ability of even importing eprom sounds that Clevie himself would have used on his hardware DX.

Let me know if you have heard of it or if you infact may even use it as I'm always happy to talk music and the production of in general.

Also, talking of eproms, does anybody on this forum still use them at all? Whether it be hardware or software as I'd be very interested to hear about it.

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