80's Dancehall Riddims: Snare drum sound

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Post by interruptor » Mon May 21, 2012 7:45 pm

The sample set is from the site http://samples.kb6.de which is a great resource for drum samples.
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Re: 80's Dancehall Riddims: Snare drum sound

Post by MarkyP » Wed Oct 18, 2023 6:50 pm

11 years on again and I dig it out and revive it as a newcomer to this wonderful place.

Firstly I'd like to say a big hello to everyone here.

I am curious to know if the OP ever did manage to track down the snare that they were aiming for or if they possibly improvised their own in the end.

I myself am just getting started dabbling in the magical sound of 80s dancehall. I'm not new to producing on computers but I am new to the reggae, dancehall and dub production scene. I have loved reggae and dancehall since the early nineties and adore the early electronic Steely & Clevie sound mainly coming out of Jammys studio at the time.

So on my journey I am aiming to reproduce that sound of Steely & Clevie just to get me started and see where it takes me. I'm not into copying or plagiarism nor do I rate doing so at all but there is just something so magical about this sound I feel overwhelmed to make it happen again 40 years on.

I wish I had the money to get myself an Obie DX, a DX100 and a CS01 but as I write this the price of such equipment would cost somewhere in the region of £2000 :-o so I shall be using their digital counterparts or their most closest resemblance I can get.

I'm really looking forward to searching, asking and hopefully digging up some golden nuggets of information regarding the production of the best kind of music ... REGGAE.

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