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AcmeBarGig Meat Head FreeWare Release

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2009 7:06 pm
by jedaprin
Okay, so today it's Meat Head's turn to blow your mind!

Our second release of Preampus Week introduces a brand new character for you guys to acquaint yourselves with. Meat Head is in-keeping with the philosophy of all our Classic Hybrid amps, inspired by the amplifier power-houses that defined the tones of Classic Rock and Heavy Metal from the '60's to now, a Modern Classic that's just FULL of, you guessed it, character!


Just plug in to Meat Head and we guarantee you will be blown away with the amount of depth and versatility provided by it, through the extensive research and tireless coding that has been put into this line, we are proud to be able to present you with a line of amps that mixes and matches sections inspired by the definitive and revolutionary amps that defined Popular Music.

Meat Head harbours some awe-inspiring power, from that first crunchy Powerchord to searing leads drenched in sweet sustain. However, never does it lose the dynamic response and sweetness that seems to drip off every note. Roll the gain back for some fantastic overdriven British-style Blues and Classic Rock tones, roll your guitar volume back a little more and you're into that sweet, often-sought-after 'just breaking up' tube tone - all while retaining 100% of its distinct tonal characteristics.

So let's carry on the celebration, get Meat Head downloaded and running and kick back and enjoy the festivities of Preampus Week! If you haven't already got Dick Head, then go get that too and be sure to check back tomorrow for another addition to a lineup that we're SURE will be infamous in no time!

Bear in mind the Preampus Line amps are HEAD ONLY, you will NEED to use some external cabinet modeling, we highly recommend LePou's LeCab, which you can grab here: