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Sleng teng drums (mt40) how to get that 80s sound?

Posted: Tue Dec 16, 2014 12:10 am
by Jahgon
I've been experimenting with routing the drums from my mt40 into spring reverbs and delays trying to get that nice crusty sound you hear on tunes like hog in a minty by nitty gritty or life story by tonto irie. I'm wondering if anyone has a particular method that they know is good to add texture but not swamp them in reverb / echo? I'm assuming that back then no one would have cut the individual sounds to remake the drum track in order to have every sound on its own channel so I have been playing with having the dry mixed with a send from a reverb / delay but I'm wondering if it's eq or compression that really changes it up before they go off to the effects?

Posted: Tue Dec 16, 2014 9:45 pm
by interruptor
I listened to the nitty gritty tune you mentioned. the keyboard is on a separate track and has it's own delay effect. this leaves the drum and bass coming from the single output connector of the mt40. still there seems to be no reverb on the bassline. so either their spring reverb had no bass response anyway, or they connected a high pass filter to the effect send output going to the reverb unit. I notice that the reverb is far more pronounced on some of the snare hits than the rest of the time. Also some times a delay effect with varying delay time appears on the snare sound. I assume this was achieved by opening the effect sends just for the short duration of a snare hit. this is a common technique in dub mixes.

nitty gritty: hog in a minty + version

Posted: Tue Jan 06, 2015 7:41 pm
by Jahgon
Thanks for the reply Interuptor. I tried your suggestions and I have been coming alot closer to the sound I was after . The high HPF definitely has the desired effect of removing the kicks from the signal then sent the spring. I will post up some examples of my results when I get a bit more time.

Posted: Thu Jan 22, 2015 10:48 pm
by interruptor
Casio has a new groove box with the sleng teng built in..

see this: ... m.php?f=11