which Soundcard is best?

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David Prophet
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which Soundcard is best?

Post by David Prophet » Wed Jan 08, 2003 10:30 am

I am planning to buy a new soundcard, does anyone know any good soundcard for music? <BR> <BR>/David Prophet

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which Soundcard is best?

Post by aleph » Wed Jan 08, 2003 2:37 pm

I ve tried MOTU ad/da when i was recording a hardcore group ,it sounds good u <BR>can use analog extern device keep the color of valves&#40;in 24b/96hz&#41; <BR>you can use it easyly on severals computers&#40;firewire&#41; ,but i don t kwnow if it sounds good for dub ,normaly in24/96 there'S no problem <BR>isn't it?

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Mike Zee
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which Soundcard is best?

Post by Mike Zee » Wed Jan 08, 2003 5:02 pm

David, there are SO many to choose from nowdays which are pretty good. Do you want just basic card &#40;in/out&#41; or some multi-in/out? Do you need/want to have also midi in/out? Do you need/want any synch options. Any specific in/out, like optical digital for example? How mach do you want to spend? What's you computer system? OperSystem,RAM, Processor, available slots? <BR> <BR>If you just want ot swing over to see vary stuff, here's a good link: <BR><A HREF="http://www.musiciansfriend.com/srs7/sid ... rch/c=4891" TARGET="_blank">audio interfaces cards etc at musicianfriend store</A>, <BR>I would not say they have best prices, but gives you pretty good overall idea, and most cards or systems there are pretty good...really hard to choose thou.... <BR> <BR>goodluck'shoopin' <BR>/Mike Zee

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which Soundcard is best?

Post by KoCha » Tue Jan 14, 2003 9:42 am

If you don't need Multi I/O.. use a SoundBlaster. <BR>I have got the audigy and i use it for record the main mix.. no problem. Soundfont, firewire support... <BR> <BR>Don't take a model with less quality than Audigy &#40;like pci128 or other&#41; beceause sound sucks.. &#40;i speak only for SB card&#41; <BR> <BR>Good Luck <BR> <BR><A HREF="http://www.kocha.fr.st" TARGET="_top">KoCha</A>
KoCha, reggae-dub producer

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munky lee
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which Soundcard is best?

Post by munky lee » Tue Jan 14, 2003 10:21 pm

hi! <BR>I personnally use an ECHO GINA 24. <BR>I'm really happy with it. excelent sound, really. <BR>96/24. 2 analog ins, 8 analog outs, adat in/out, spdif in/out. asio, wdm drivers... <BR> <BR>kocha, I don't think sound blaster cards are good for music. I think it is most for multimedia applications. <BR>I used to have a sound blaster card before. it was pretty good but for serious music production, it's not so good.

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which Soundcard is best?

Post by DC » Wed Jan 15, 2003 12:23 pm

I use 2x audiowerk8 cards wich gives me 16physical outs. I like the cards, they sound good and work very well with logic. <BR> <BR>DC

pete benn
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which Soundcard is best?

Post by pete benn » Wed Jan 15, 2003 7:18 pm

I'm using a Videologic Sonic Fury &#40;which is a re-packaged Turtle Beach Santa Cruz&#41;. If on a budget definately worth looking at. Here in the UK they're under &pound;100. No serious problems but I'd strongly recommend running under Win XP as opposed to 98 because the drivers are far more stable.

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which Soundcard is best?

Post by interruptor » Thu Jan 16, 2003 11:30 am

i use 2 creamware soundcards with onboard dsps for effects, mixing and synthesizer emulations. 12 physical inputs and outputs.

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which Soundcard is best?

Post by HM » Wed Jan 29, 2003 6:58 pm

I use RME Hammerfall 9652 lightpibed <BR>with 2 x Fostex VC-8 for 16 in/out,. <BR> <BR>Perfect coexistance with VST, love it <BR> <BR>HM

Uncle Riotous
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which Soundcard is best?

Post by Uncle Riotous » Tue Sep 02, 2003 4:52 pm

I've got a Soundblaster Audigy and the latentcy is really bad. I downloaded the KX Project drivers which helped but it still isn't good. It's also worth noting that the A-D convertors on all SB cards are fixed at 48KHz so if you record at 44.1KHz you end up doing a samplerate conversion in the machine everytime. <BR> <BR>Personally if you're after a good cheap card which is really highly spec'd I'd look at the M-Audio Audiophile. They're around the same price as an SB but a much better musicians card.

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Post by overstand » Fri Jul 11, 2008 1:03 pm

If you have the cash and you want a high quality portable firewire card for laptop or desktop that will not let you down

For PC: RME Fireface 800
For MAC: Apogee Ensemble

I did a lot of research when looking at firewire cards and this seems to be a general consensus...

open to correction tho :-)

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