Anyone using M-Audio FW410?

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Chuck Byles
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Anyone using M-Audio FW410?

Post by Chuck Byles » Mon Sep 06, 2004 3:56 pm

I'm thinking of getting one of these when I get my laptop.........any views?

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Mike Zee
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Anyone using M-Audio FW410?

Post by Mike Zee » Thu Sep 09, 2004 12:39 am

I personally don't have nor ever had any experience with it, but from what I've read/seen: <BR>Chuck, if I had a loptop with FW port, then I'd sure would look into FW410. This box looks and 'reads' aa advertised like 'perfect' for laptop-based production: 8 outs for dubbing with outboard etc... BUT! I've read allots of very negative feedback&#40;s&#41; about it. Well, allots of positive as well. <BR>All negative remarks were about how 'hard' it is to configure and make it work.... which leads me to not really take it as FW410 problem..., I mean there are just many "producers" there who are not very friendly with computer/software/hardware in general...if not to say harder- plain ignorant <IMG SRC=" ... /happy.gif" ALT=":&#41;">, or sometimes too lazy to learn. And, what can I say, it's just the way it is with computers - that's why computer based production is in someway a big pain in tha A&#42;&#42;s, it's not like just push the button on your power-conditioner, light it up, plug in and play .... <IMG SRC=" ... /happy.gif" ALT=":&#41;"> <BR>With computer you need to go through bunch of clicks, scrolls, type-ins and stuff before you get anywhere, and you better know what'Ya doin'... not fun at all. <BR>If you go to , then go to recording section - computer hardware...find FW410 and there you'll see feedback and ratings from user, so you can read those comments. <BR>&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42;&#42; <BR>here is a link, which may or may not work: <A HREF=" ... 85/rpp=10/" TARGET="_blank">FW 410 user reviews at</A> <BR> <BR>/good luck <BR>/Mike Zee aka Dr ZEE <BR><A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">ZEE DUB LAB</A>

Sport Farmer
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Anyone using M-Audio FW410?

Post by Sport Farmer » Sun Jan 29, 2006 7:22 pm

Presonus Firebox has better preamps in it then the 410 at the same price.. Plus ive heard of alot of problems with the 410 and warped chassis and other strange things..

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