little disccussion about analog set and amplifier

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little disccussion about analog set and amplifier

Post by P_A_E » Sun Nov 27, 2016 1:10 am

this is my first post, and first topic.. and would also give a greeting to all the community as big part of this family like OneLove were I falled in love.. i'm not new to Dub music since i was very lucky to be part of the backstage of some indipendent festivals were i helped whit 13 cleaning the camping and so later grill some food at the festival were bless like zion train played..

now not even 10 years are gone and this spirit has grown to the necessity of a little big studio where to fuse emotion and vibes

so i startet at my own, finaly, one year ago, buyng some equipment caming up whit a little 12(but8) channel mixer i fitted whit a 5 out sampler, synt, guitar, and.. well.. a drummachine.. having reverb and delay as fx on board..

I also would ask who else is using a drum machine as head for the drums..
and how you deal whit them wen it comes to mixing..
if someon is playng alone like me in this times..
and if a one man band is really the way in dub..
i also would appreciate some helps about clave and organ
And if someon knows about some old, nice amblifier..
i also have found this year a wonderfull old hirtel c 90 in sicily and it seems that new days aren't able to make someting like all older stuff..

you see.. all in all.. i'm at the beginnig ^^
and would be happy learning and knowing more..
sharing my knowledge too..
Bless and love dear community

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