Re201 Problem with tape

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Re201 Problem with tape

Post by defbringa » Thu Aug 14, 2008 11:20 am


I figured you might be able to help me with a problem that I have with my RE-201.

When I got it like 2-3 years ago it came with a used tape.
I kept on using this tape and never had any trouble with the whole machine, everything went perfect.

Also I liked the sound of it so I never thought of changing the tape.

Someday it came to my mind to change the tapeloop so I ordered some new tapeloops from canada, they ware said to be the best tapes available worldwide.

I cleaned the machine and out in the new tape, somehow I had more feedback and more treble in the delay sound so I was happy.

Then it happened for the first time that the tape got stuck.
Where the tape is being pulled in before the tape heads another noose of the tape was being pulled in until it got stuck and then somehow the tape was almost like glued to the tapeheads so I had to pull it off the tapeheads otherwise it wouldnt run.

Once this happens the tape is destroyed because it has a heavy bend and when I pull it off the tapeheads it seems like its losing some of its coat.

Since that the same happened with every single tape that I put into the machine.

Also after it has once happened with a tape all of a sudden it sounds fucked up, the delays are no longer stable, I have more noise and all sorts, and it will happen again and again that its being pulled in gets stuck.

I have no idea why this has never happened with my old tape.
Also I cleaned my machine using all possible service instructions, only thing I didnt do was degaussing the tape heads, but I cannot imagine this could be the problem.

Maybe I have to put somehting in to where the tape moves so I prevent any noose of the tape getting near to where its being pulled in?
I dont know...

Maybe you have any idea, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot,

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Post by ion5 » Thu Aug 14, 2008 1:04 pm

hmmm are yu shure you did put it exactly in like it was before?

i recently had to re-tape my revox reel to reel and the tape got stock because i had the tape over instead of under 2 sticks in the machanic

another point, are you shure you have the EXACT same length like your previous tape loop? because with tape getting stuck it sounds like that could also be a possibility

hmmm i ve no RE anymore so i can take a look in there now

cheers from hamburg

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