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Sick RE -101

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 6:32 am
by rip da cut

My RE-101 has developed some strange behavior, the tape speed seems to be fluctuating on it's own (without any altering of the delay time/repeat rate control) not only that but as it's speed/pitch alters so does the volume level of the delay, occasionally the delay will drop out completly.

The unit has been extreemly well looked after, I've already cleaned the pinch roller, heads and fitted a new tape loop, the roller and heads weren't very dirty and the tape loop is new virgin tape, but this has made no difference, I thought perhaps the heads needed demagnatising, but the problem is intermitant, for the most part the frequency response of the machine is perfect, the machine was also serviced before I bought it and I havn't had it very long, it's had very little use, though is an early model so has had a long life.

My guess is that perhaps the motor is going could this be? is it easilly fixed? Here are some recordings of the problem, please can anybody advise what I should do?