How can I get a rising delay sound using the fab filter?

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How can I get a rising delay sound using the fab filter?

Post by Dubbest » Fri Feb 11, 2011 6:01 pm

I've been looking for a way to create the rising delay sound in the 10 ft. ganja plant song "To Each" off of their album bass chalice for a while. I do everything digitally in pro tools. I pretty much use the fab filter delay 99% of the time. What I'm looking to do is that delay that slowly builds up and gets more filtered as it goes. the delay starts at 2:43. How can i get this sound just using the fab filter plug in?

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Post by interruptor » Mon Feb 14, 2011 12:35 am

I have no clue about pro tools and the specific plug-in you mention but the sound you are pointing to is a typical tape delay with a filter in the feedback path. It's important that the filter is not just a simple low pass but rather a low pass with cranked up resonance or even a bandpass or highpass.

You could use one of the vsts I created for this exact purpose (bionic delay, analogic delay, tape delay, Echolive,..). But I understand you want to stick with your platform.

I googled for fab filter delay and found this video were someone explains your plugin and in fact also introduces a resonant low pass filter in the feedback path. ... qualitaet/

hope this helps..

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