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Recommend me a DIY kit?

Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 2:25 am
by General Calisti

I've been on a google-quest for a line level spring reverb unit at affordable levels for ages now and since i'm preparing to build a few pedals and rig them all together in a box (who needs a pedal board) and i'm thinking why not look into a DIY kit? Standalone drive/pickup unit and outboard tank to make it less hum-prone and resilient for kicking...

I've found the wave kit and i'm not sold (price and having the bugger shipped to sweden is my last resort)...

How unlikely would it be tosuccessfully pull off a clone of a k10 by buying the parts separately?

Any other kits that circulate the euro-market? I've seen some insanity mods on the spring king float around, switchable tanks and added pots for controlling the slapback.

Mind you, i'm still early into soldering so any reverb project is far down the line, dont worry.

Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 4:59 am
by General Calisti
There was a forum thread on modding the spring king on a surf guitar forum, seems one of those badboy pedals could power a large 8ohm tank since the onboard one is a 10, i'm not prepared to swear on the math at all but there is a successful modder who made it work as an outboard tank spring unit.

Might try that before kicking in on the full monty tube driven DiY kits... i'm a "dive in, point me to the deep end" kinda guy.

Will post a link to the SK mod thread and credit the people over there, they took it far and shared :)