Reverb Yamaha R100

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Blue eye
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Reverb Yamaha R100

Post by Blue eye » Mon Apr 15, 2002 10:55 am

I got an offer for a Yamaha R100 for 50$. Is it a good reverb for bubbing? <BR> <BR>/Blue eye

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Reverb Yamaha R100

Post by interruptor » Mon Apr 15, 2002 3:21 pm

never used one, but seems to be a handy easy to use unit. was already cheap when new. don't expect world class reverberation here. if you buy it and find out the reverb quality is not up to your expectation for big rooms you might still use it for small room / early reflection type of reverb to fatten up dry drum sounds. <BR> <BR>some reviews: <BR><A HREF=" ... 0">link</A> <BR><A HREF="">link</A> <BR><A HREF=" ... l">link</A>

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