Multitrack Recording With Direct Outs/Inserts to DAW

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Multitrack Recording With Direct Outs/Inserts to DAW

Post by RubADuck » Sun Mar 10, 2013 8:41 pm

Anyone (else) using the direct outs of your mixer to mix down/record the material into your DAW and to still have seperated tracks for the individual channels??

-Are your direct outs POST fader AND POST EQ??
and if NOT, how do you deal with this problems???

-Someone sending OUTs from his DAW through a mixer to mix them and add EQ , amplification and rerecording multitrack to the DAW??

which mixers are you using??
how are your eg. efx routings??
are you also using build-in fx of the mixer??

I really like this way of recording/mixing !!
For me it´s like the perfect compromise between live/analog and DAW/digital because i can mix and use all my analogue hardware totally LIVE but still after that, i can go into my daw and re-edit/clean/change everything that i couldn´t do how i wanted..

So I would be very happy if someone would like to share his knowledge and experinces cause i´m quite new to this way of recording and the whole live mixing world at all...


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Kazuma Zeta
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hi man

Post by Kazuma Zeta » Wed Aug 21, 2013 4:42 pm

i can partially answer your questions, i have done the thing you say a few times with a reggae band. best if mixer has direct outs (expensive mixers), inserts can be used, (they are always post gain and pre other sutff, I think), but, if you are on a live stage, you have to give signals back to te mixer!
So you would have a input channel for every mix channel, and a direct out (on your audio schede) for giving back signals to the mixer, I think you don't have. you could also half insert a mono jack in the insert hole (excuse my bad english), so you don't stop the signal flow in the mixer, you copy it, but, it halfs, i suppose, the amplitude.
I have a method using Reason to both record and live process the tracks, using more than a mixer, if you are interested, leave a reply.

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