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Newbie - Studio Setup - Live setup - Examples?

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 1:00 am
by Machinetooth
I am currently about to purchase (few weeks) a complete recording system.

Mac Pro
Apogee Ensemble
Novation MK2
Alesis 3630 compressor
A few mics, moniters, headphones, wires, stands, etc...

What else would i need to complete a killer dub setup for not too many more dollars, seeing as though this setup will run me about $7000. Ive been dreaming about this setup for years, but have now decided to take the plunge and would love to dub if my budget premits, thanks in advance.

btw i was looking at a used Allen + Heath System 8 Sound Console ( mki i believe) for $150 or maybe a used Ramsa wr-8816 16 channel mixer for around the same price. would these be decent? or something newer might be better?

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 2:40 am
by Neil C

I don't think you will need that, or any budget, outboard compressor. I think the compressor that comes with Logic will be just as good, if indeed, not better.

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 8:29 am
by JahNice
I agree with NeilC on the Alesis 3630, as i have also heard some bad
opinions on that compressor. Be Careful when choosing your monitors
and headphones. Also you must consider if you want any analog effects
\preamps ect in your setup or if you want to go 100% Digital Dub..

If it was for me to choose, i would never want to rely only on the digital
stuff to define MY SOUND, and also i'd definately go for the Allen&heath
or Ramsa mixing desk and forget about the Novation MK2. Its just my
opinion, and offcourse it depends on what kind of Dub you want to be

Peace J

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 9:16 am
by JahNice
Oh,and if you want a really good cheap compressor check out FMR Audio..
The RNC (Really Nice Compressor) seems to be very apreciated by many
professionals, and it has been said that it even beats many compressors
that are 5 times more expensive.. FMR also builds the RNLA wich is also a
compressor but with more character of its own, colouring the sound more
than the RNC.. I am just waiting for better times(finacially) and i am
going to get both of them..

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 5:39 pm
by Machinetooth
Well as far as the the alesis 3630 goes, I read in an interview with Daft Punk that they made extensive use from this compressor, and for $100 i counldn'y afford not to get it. I'm gonna be recording a lot of things, ie. indie rock, electro house, blues, experimental type stuff, so i figured the alesis might be fun to screw around with maybe get some nice dirty crushed sounds with different things, not neccecerily dub. I will definately check out the FMR RNC compressor though.

Also i was wondering if i'd need some reel to reel equipment, or if their is any rad analog mimicking software.

and does anyone have a link to what a live setup might consist of?

and, you mentioned getting good moniters and good headphones. Could you reccomend a decent pair of moniters that run around $300-$400? and what headphones should i get, probably need 3-4 pairs - so around $60-$80 apiece?

tanks! 8-)

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 11:32 pm
by JahNice
Reel 2 reel is nice if you can afford and maintain it, but there are some
good plugins nowadays, so tape effects can also be simulated fairly well
at lower price.
The Interruptors Wow and Flutter vst for example is very good to
emulated the imperfections in the playback speed of analog recordings.
The Fatness of the reel2reel sound due to tape saturation can be
recreated by plugins like the "magneto" or the "PSP vintage warmer". The
"Tape Warmer" and the "Analog Trackbox" by Nomad Factory, also add a
pleasant distortion to audio.(dont know if there are mac versions of
these available).

What do you mean by saying "Live setup"? Do you want to have live dub
sessions in your lab or do you want to do shows with live dub?

I have not bought a good pair of active studio monitors yet.. But i have
heard many different lately,cause i did an internship in a studio-hardware
store where i could listen to different boxes all day long.There are some
acceptable options @ 300-400€.Just do some research on the net,
to see what others think and like, and then go to a store and listen to as
many different pairs posible. Take a recording with you, (that you know
very well and that you have heard over many different boxes/hi-fi's/
Soundsystems/in-ear-headphones ect) for the comparison of the different
monitors. Try to judge the monitors not only according to your personal
taste, but keeping strongly in mind that you want linear reproduction of
the audio, meaning you want to hear the audio like it is recorded. You
dont want the boxes to "overemphasize" on bass or highs for example,
and you want to hear clearly the whole frequency spectrum. The monitors
i would get for that kind of money are Citronic ST-8's, but as i already
said, i have had no monitors previously, and i am actualy a n00b in
professional audio recording..

:peace: :peace: :peace:

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 11:36 pm
by JahNice
For headphones i like the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro, but they are @ 150€.

Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2009 1:24 am
by Machinetooth
live dub, how would a soloman live setup work/consist of

Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2009 4:56 pm
by JahNice
You need one machine that plays back the audio tracks.
Could be a Multitrack recorder or a laptop pc.
Then you need your Mixing Console offcourse and some Effects.
A sampler can also be a good tool for a live dub performance.
Many live Dubbers have also live singers and live instruments, like maybe
a melodica-man or some hornplayers or even a bass man.

Iration Steppas - Locks

Zion Train

Crazy mad professor live dub show -go to WorldBeat Concerts

Do you want to do live dub?

Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2009 8:50 pm
by JahNice
A Dub Siren also is good for live dub action

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 6:46 pm
by Machinetooth
Yeah, ive seen a few dub sirens on youtube, pretty cool. Just bought a synthesizer too - Casio CZ-1 - still learning how to control it but im getting some crazy sounds out of it.

btw - if you haven't listened to Future Pigeon - they are a must - the dub shitte thats going on in their new disc is outta control! I saw them live and i also saw their dub engineer spinng some live stuff before UROY!! played. :eek: