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Help needed

Post by YouthRoots91 » Tue Mar 01, 2011 10:38 pm

Hello friends, I am in the process of getting a home studio set up and currently have----

behringer xenyx 2442fx

M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R ... tra8R.html

-I want to be able to record seperate tracks for drums, guitar, bass, keys, and vocals. Then dub each channel. Any routing advice? Or a good DAW to record into wit laptop computer?


sam pling
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Help needed

Post by sam pling » Wed Apr 06, 2011 11:20 am

I am assuming you are recording live instruments? If so plug you mics straight into the pre-amps of the fast-track, record into your DAW, then connect the 8 outs of the fast-track into the 8 ins of the mixer, and start applying effects.

However, you may want to sub-mix some things to give you more flexibility - e.g. if you have recorded 8 channels of drums, try mixing them down to 4 tracks (kick, snare, everything else in a stereo pair) to give you more faders for guitar, bass, keys etc.

Then connect the outs of the desk into a spare pair of inputs on your card to record the final results back into your DAW

The advantage of this technique is that you have hands on control of all your routing , so for example you can put spot echoes on single snare hits, guitar stabs etc - basically improvise the whole mix.

One suggestion would be to get some more outboard - behringer will sell you a delay pedal for about £30 that will give you a lot more scope/experience of using echo effects - keep the onboard fx processor to give you reverb as it will sound nice in stereo.

Finally - DAWs - try reaper (it's practically free - ), or (in linux land) Ardour ( ) - otherwise the usual cubase/logic/protools etc I guess.


Sam M

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Post by AUX1Dub » Thu Apr 14, 2011 11:53 pm

With that Fast Track you can get a total of 10 mono outputs. 9/10 are split from the stereo headphone output. I would use the Sub Groups to control your FXs and return them to a channel.
You could use VST Fxs by sending out back to your DAW and returning to the board.
I would definitely get hardware FXs in the future though.

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