dub production!! getting started

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dub production!! getting started

Post by brunopietoso » Tue Feb 07, 2012 3:02 am


So, it's been awhile since I've seen this interview with Dubkasm where they talked a bit about their dubbing techniques. I must say it's always been something I've been wanting to tackle - dub music!

I've checked out the Dub Scrolls and saw the basics to start dubbing now my question is, instead of a multi track tape, could i use something else instead? like what? and also in this case, i see all the instruments are hooked to this one machine. If I just wanted to manipulate pre-recorded material what would I have to use instead of instruments hooked to a multi track tape?

Thanks and I know it's a bit of a tricky one but if anyone is willing to share their ideas i would highly appreciate it!


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stranded horse
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Post by stranded horse » Tue Feb 07, 2012 8:52 am

you can also use your computer to dub.
I think Dub Spencer & Trance Hill told me they use Logic or Reason (dont remember which one), a friend of mine uses Ableton, and I use Renoise (which is free :D)

There is a lot digital dub which is done 100% with the computer, and a lot contemporary European Dub I know uses computers at least to mix and dub their prerecorded material.
Tapes are expensive, but everyone already has a computer and Audio Interfaces are comparatively cheap compared to other means of recording.
I use a Zoom R16 (8 track digital recorder and audio interface) in recording sessions with the band, and an Edirol UA25 at home, for overdubbing additional tracks if I feel like.

I think the easiest way to start dubbing using the computer is, if you don't have already:
Pick your DAW (it should be one with a good mixer section) and learn how to use it.
If you only want to use a combination of samples (from the internet) and electronic instruments (from your DAW) then you can stop here. If you want to overdub your own stuff (in case you play an instrument or a few) then you will also need an Audio Interface, and a Microphone obviously, if you want to record accoustic instruments, but you won't necesarily need that if you just want to record guitar or bass, you can plug them into your audio interface directly.

To your question regarding the multitrack tape:
You would have to own a good mixing desk, a multitrack tape machine, and all the instruments (except you somehow are able to obtain the tapes from reggae sessions :eek: ) and people to play them.
You hook all the instruments to the input of the mixer and then the multitrack-recorder to the recording-out of the mixer.
Now you will need a second multitrack-recorder, because after you finished recording, you connect the tracks you recorded on to the inputs of your mixing desk for playback and dubbing, but now you need the 2nd multi-track recorder to capture the results of your mixing and dubbing, and you need at least a delay/echo and reverb unit.

hope that helped you,

cheers, F

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