How do I achieve these sounds?

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How do I achieve these sounds?

Post by seedy » Wed Feb 19, 2014 6:57 pm

Hello all -
I'm trying to replicate two classic Mad Professor sounds: ... /67126-01/

If you listen to "declaration of war (mix 2)" you'll hear that bass growl around the 30 second mark. for a long time i would call this a bass "wobble" though if i google it today all i can find is skrillex dupstep stuff


how do you make that "fast forward" sound effect that occurs right at the start of this track?

finally.....i can't dig up an example online at the moment but especially back in the day he was fond of creating delays that sped up/slowed down with the pitch tied to it.

so he'll echo out a vocal for example....and the echo will be really fast and the voice high pitched like the chimpmunks.....and in the next measure it will be a much slower echo with the vocals dropped a few octaves down so that it's really low pitched

thanks much for any advice!


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Post by interruptor » Thu Feb 20, 2014 7:38 pm

- bass "wobble" at 30":
i have no clue. it sounds like a resonant filter that is slightly overdriven.

- "fast forward" sound:
it's actually a tape rewind effect. mad prof used to mix from multitrack tapes. the rewind sound is simply what occurs when rewinding the tape to the start of the tune without releasing the tape heads from the tape

- fast and slow pitched echoes:
he used an analog delay unit in the early days (a so called bucket brigade delay). some models had a "delay time x 2" button which doubles the delay time without deleting what's recorded into the delay line. thus the same echo keeps going on but at half the speed and one octave lower.

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Post by dikara » Tue Jun 10, 2014 10:55 am

The bass effect sounds very much like a peaking filter sweep with high resonance. The overdrive/saturation seems to be caused by the resonance at around 80Hz.

You can create something very similar using a send channel with some added distortion (try Camel Crusher: ... wgodgG8AFQ) with an lfo assigned to the frequency on a bandpass filter (try Kjaerhus Audio's Classic Auto-Filter: ... ter&id=505).

Both of those plugins are free and very high quality. Check out Kjaerhus Audio's other plugins as they make some great stuff.

The Youtube link doesn't work for me, but for tape rewinds, bounce down a section of your track, reverse it & apply a pitch bend envelope to it.

As for the vocal echo/delay, on this very site there are a myriad of VSTs that will do that... try adjusting the time parameter on Tape Delay (

Hope that helps :)

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