Behringer MX 8000 vs Fostex 820

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Behringer MX 8000 vs Fostex 820

Post by RastaYah » Mon May 24, 2010 8:52 am

I'm just about to get my first real mixing desk and these two seem to be the most interresting for me.both of them have direct outs and effect groups!

I already read various reviews and both of them seem to hav some issues.

Fostexs' too low Phantom Power, the chinch outs, the unbalanced inputs and some light crackling faders/potis on one side and Behringers "poor" sounding preamps & eqs and the higher price on the other side!

this are all things i read in the net, so i would be happy if anybody could help me whith this choice!

I just need to get starter with working with a desk!
i did some few productions,and would like working with this kinda hardware right from the start!
...mixing down tracks, doin some dubwise versions and just get a handle for this hardware!

give thanks

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Post by leitmo » Tue Jun 15, 2010 2:28 pm

hi rasta yah!

if you are on electronics can repair / mod a fostex 820, i personally prefer Fostex but it's up to you. Don't worry about unbalanced outputs, how far will your mixer be placed from your computer's audio interface?

You're right, Behringer's pre's are famous for poor definition and clarity, same for EQ section.

I recently bought a Soundcraft 200sr mixer and replaced faders, pots and some IC's, i payed about 10€ (13$) for parts and now it works perfect!!!

All of us were starters somewhen but i still use some of my "novice" gear

Hope it helps!
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Behringer MX 8000 vs Fostex 820

Post by noiseboy » Thu Jul 01, 2010 12:30 am

Ever since Behringer moved their manufacturing to China the quality is terrible, both sonically and reliability. I know a few people with Behringer desks. Without exception all of them have issues - dead channels, distortion, faults etc, some since new.

A studio owner friend once tried out *six* new Ultracurves, one after the other, each of which failed to work properly.

Pays yer money, takes your choice.

Another acquaintance was a dealer for Behringer but no longer is as he got so fed up with the scale of returns he had to deal with (and the subsequent tarnishing of his businesses reputation).

Many live engineers (including me) specifically preclude Behringer kit on band technical riders. Most units seem to add a particularly undesirable colouration to sound sources in my opinion, even should they be fully functional.

Just my opinion and two cents... :danger:
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Post by leitmo » Sun Jul 04, 2010 2:40 am

i worked as live sound engineer and i'm agree with NOISEBOY: many bands (90% of them) don't want Behringer gear stuff in the signal chain...even DI boxes!!!

people have prejudices, also in music, Fostex built good quality gear (i have not tested recent products) in the past, get it and repair it!

PS: if you get tired of your Fostex mixer sell it and will get your money back, it won't work with Behringer stuff
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