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Anyone dubbin with a Mackie 32 8 ?

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 6:31 am
by AK_thunder_dub
Say - Anyone out there have any first hand experience with dubbin on a Mackie 32 8?
Wondering about the tonal properties / soundscapes of this board.
I have found mixed reviews - mostly from engineers used to working on spendy desks. Looking for some impressions from the Dub community.
Apparently - the EQ layout & performance leaves a bit to be desired.

32 channels / 6 AUX sends / 8 bus = very tempting.

Looking to upgrade from a smaller behringer desk & I have found a Mackie 32 8 for sale locally at a decent price.

I understand its not all about the console - more about how you use it...
Just curious about opinions out there.

Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2012 1:34 pm
by stranded horse
This is a huge desk. Why on earth would you need something that big? And do you really have enough space and the capabilites to lug it around if you were giggin?

Usually something between 8 and 16 tracks is enough for dub in my opinion.
If you buy a nice A&H or Soundcraft for the same money but less channels you get much better quality.


Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2012 3:57 pm
by AK_thunder_dub
S.H. - very valid points.
Here's why I have been considering the upgrade.

I have 8 channels coming out of DAW.
I have been expanding the utilization of synths in my sonic explorations.
I am using a drum synth which has 8 individual outs - allowing me to control EQ & effects for each channel.
Currently - I am running 3 synths - 2 rack & 1 key
With my current board - I am unable to return my 4 AUX sends/effects to individual channels which would be a nice improvement. Currently - I am only able to control effects with pot rotation.
1 other channel is taken up by a DJ mixer/sampler.
So right now I'm at 24 tracks.
Through in a few channels for mics & room to grow & 30 could easily be achieved.

Gigging - not too much of an issue - just home studio for my own amusement & exploration.

I have enjoyed doing 8 track dubs supplied via DAW - but things have been compiling & the last time I went to plug in some gear - all my channels were spoken for.

I agree with you on the ideal scenario being to score a Soundcraft or A&H - but unfortunately - they seem to be a bit cost prohibitive.