Mackie DL1608

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Mackie DL1608

Post by DUB Snack » Fri Feb 27, 2015 7:40 am

I'm curious what experience anybody has had with the Mackie DL1608 iPad Mixer.
I just got a job at a venue and that is their board. All the bands out here know when they see me running sound, I'm going to be dubbing the sh*t out of their set!
I usually am getting gigs where I'm using my own PA and board. QSC Mains & Subs, 24 Channel, 6 Aux Allen & Heath ZED428. I love analog mixing.
I usually run 2 or 3 monitor mixes, and 3 or 4 FX sends.
I'll bring out my Boss RE-201 Space Echo Pedal, Roland RE-301 Tape Echo, Spring Reverb Guitar Pedal, and a MXR Phaser Pedal. (If I don't have enough sends open, I'll daisy chain the Phaser in front of the Space Echo. That way I can use the Space Echo as just a delay, and when I want to juice the hats I can flip on the Phaser, and It's already going through a delay)

So anyways. I've mixed a show off of the Mackie iPad mixer before but the response was a little latent to my external FX. And also it's just weird not being able to physically turn a pot.
I'm trying to figure out a way to incorporate a small analog mixer that I can send the channels I want to dub to, and bring the FX outputs into the Mackie.

The Mackie doesn't have direct outs, and all Aux Sends will be in use.
Mainly I would need Snare, Hat, Key's, Guitar, and Vocals.

I was thinking of splitting those channels on the input. Taking one split to my analog desk, and one split to the input of the Mackie. My thought is that, if I only return the FX back to the Mackie (stereo channel) then the channels wouldn't be doubled up or anything and all you could hear is the delay or reverb return.

Does this make sense to anyone else??

Also if anyone can recommend an affordable small mixer with 8-12 channels and at least 3 aux sends. I wouldn't want to drag my 24 channel beast out, and there is no room for it.
I have an old behringer laying around but it only has 2 sends, and one is to an internal FX unit.

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