Atari Punk Console

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Atari Punk Console

Post by ocoughi » Thu May 19, 2011 2:41 pm

Greetings Dubbers and Diy-boys & girls!

here is some links to build an easy sound box called the "atari punk console", easely adaptable as a dubsiren and cheapprice cause not much components!
i made the mine in two days... same chips than the munky lee siren but diferent circuitry and different sounds different too...
on this page you'll find lots of links,history and schematics:
and the lfo circutry:, plugged in the pin 5 of the APC 555 chips...with a switch to connect it in the first 555 or in the second one....
this LFO is a square wave form i read that it's easy to turn it into triangle wave form, it's interesting for a dub siren to have both waveforms switchable

On the basic APC circutry, i replaced the 1K resistor with a 100K pot, it gives you another interesting pitch control. Also the 0,01Uf cap acts like a "sweep range", if you replace it by a 0,1, you'll sweep more in the bass. i've putted a switch 0,1/0, well with 0,047 too...
a volume pot can be added following this circuit: ... -555s.html

and this is the one i built in action:
now you know what's the APC aka Atari Punk I....
Peace & Dub.

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atari phunk console

Post by JahNice » Sat May 21, 2011 9:01 am

Great stuff man looking and sounding well ruff & tuff! also thanks for the
links lots of good informations in there! The LfO is a realy good feature
for an APC! its amazing what one can do with sum 555chips and a few
extra components!

I have built 2 full apc's, a simple small one in an old steel flatiron case
(circuit built on breadboard) and another bigga one with lots of mods (no
breadboard, components still hanging loose), housed in a dj mixer case
with some slide faders.. i am thinking to ad a cheap diy delay unit that i
have made, cause there is still so much unused space in the mixer case.
I will have to try that lfo circuit definately and then paint and assemble
the whole thing. i ll post some pix here when i get it done.

:largeup: also for the niceness of your ocoughi youtube channel

i have not done any youtube dubbing vids yet but if i get my recording
facilities fixed i will have to try your chilled style of onehanded dubbing &
filming with other the hand, i think its a good technique for me cause
sometimes i tend to do too much fading & mixin when i use both hands.
Or maybe smoking with one hand and dubbing with the other that could
be nice style, have to tried that someday... on the other hand maybe that
s not so good for my mixingdesk & machines 8-)

Anti Bypass meets Shanti D inna Smoker version sound like a HIT TUNE

Peace bro


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Post by ocoughi » Mon Jun 06, 2011 1:02 pm

Big up Yiannis!
i'm crazy about the APC, so i made another one....
nuff respect to Forest Mims the original inventor of the APC...

papa otta
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Post by papa otta » Fri Oct 25, 2013 10:17 am

take a look to my atari punk console boxes......
mad device!!!!!!

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