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Al Vuelo
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Post by Al Vuelo » Thu Feb 04, 2010 2:55 am

I like this man, rice use of reverb with cutting it in and out around 1.20ish on the track

few things i would of done differently (not to critisise! just to say how i would of done, i mean thank God we arent all the same! ha)

The piano i think i would of given it a bit more to right instead of just panned hard left if im right in saying that? or maybe even subtler ....how about letting some of the reverb of the piano hit the right ear instead of the dry signal?

and lastly, the vocal...im not sure what exactly it is about it, but it sounds like either its over compressed or the vocalist was so close to the mic, the proximity effect has kicked in (when a source is too close to a mic, the bass end increases - to be fair, which can be used as a production technique) but to me, it seems abit too much here...

i nice effect might be to bury it in some delay or reverb, and give it some slight saturation or distortion to sit in the back, rather than being soo up at the front of the mix

BUT that is just my opinion as someone who doesnt produce Dub music so dont take it as i know what im taking about, cause really, i couldn't of made that track, its nice man, im going to have another listen....


EDIT: sorry, im assume this is your production? or are you sharing some tunnes dude? i wrote all that above as if it was your work before thinking ha!..
im new to these boards!
Al Vuelo - myspace.com/alvuelomusic - 3 quite different track over the period of 2 years, kinda shows my growth as a producer i guess - any feedback very wellcome!

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Post by yabass » Thu Feb 04, 2010 9:24 am

thanx for taking time to listen Jord...yeah it is my track..i agree about the vocal..which was added as an after thought..one take.....it losing stuff in the transition from wav to mp3 to video as well....but i welcome all comments..many thanx yaba

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Neil C
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Post by Neil C » Thu Feb 04, 2010 6:14 pm

Yes, I would echo Vuelo's comments.
Hard left on the piano sounds weird - it either needs to be centred or have something related panned hard right to balance it.
And the vocals are a strange intrusion on what is otherwise a really good mix.

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