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Mike Zee @ IUMA

Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2002 12:55 pm
by Mike Zee
Hi All. <BR> <BR>Just wanted to drop a note, that I've got a small mp3 page at as extra. <BR>Got few dub tracks there, and some electronic tracks &#40;non-dub, but from other projects&#41;. <BR>I will try to post there some new stuff as well, but the page has its 'iuma-native' limitations, <BR>it's light, thou, comparing to my other mp3 pages. <BR>url/link here: <BR><A HREF="" TARGET="_top">Mike Zee &#40;DUB&#41; @ IUMA</A> <BR> <BR>best regards, <BR>'n respects <BR> <BR>/Mike Zee <BR><A HREF="" TARGET="_top">zee dub lab</A>