A question to Interruptor about finding vocal talent

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A question to Interruptor about finding vocal talent

Post by Looter » Thu Apr 11, 2002 10:32 pm

Hi Daniel, <BR> <BR>How did you get so many good singers and Djs on your record? I know Kingston is crawling with vocal talent, did you just find 'em all on the street? <BR> <BR>-Kevin

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A question to Interruptor about finding vocal talent

Post by interruptor » Fri Apr 12, 2002 9:54 am

A friend gave me the address of the Caveman Studio. This is a small studio doing mainly dubplate specials. <BR>As usual with jamaican studios there was always a lot of young artists around the studio waiting for their chance to record a tune or to do a special. I stayed there for a couple of days talking to the singers about my project, playing my riddims to them and listening to their ideas. It seemed that the word spread about this "paleface producer from overseas" and so everyday more vocalists showed up wanting to voice a tune for me. <BR>Finally I picked those I felt they suited the project best. <BR> <BR>Besides the studio the owner Caveman also runs a sound system called "Caveman Sound" &#40;They toured England about a year ago together with Anthony B and Determine&#41;. <BR>As I found out one day in a conversation with Caveman he is a nephew of Lee Perry. Nobody apart from me seemed to pay much attention to that. I had the impression that in Jamaica Dub music is more or less forgotten nowadays.. <BR> <BR>Here is an article about Caveman and his studio: <BR><A HREF="http://www.reggaezine.co.uk/tiger.html" TARGET="_top">http://www.reggaezine.co.uk/tiger.html</A>

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