KoCha - Dubwise For The Year 2004! 3 Free Download!

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KoCha - Dubwise For The Year 2004! 3 Free Download!

Post by KoCha » Thu Jan 29, 2004 6:14 pm

Greetings to the massive, <BR> <BR>I have worked a lot this last 6 month, but not yet finished an full personal composition &#40;soon...&#41; but i have make some re-version of well know title for let you be patient. <BR>In pure wise with the power of the Almighty-Dub Studio, i let you download, hear and please comments &#40;if you got time...&#41;, these 3 new mix : <BR> <BR>KoCha - Straight To Bush's Head &#40;Temporaly Avaible&#41; <BR>&#40;hear and you will understand why this title...&#41; <BR> <BR>KoCha - Take Five To Dub <BR> <BR>KoCha - Take Five <BR> <BR>Avaible directly from almighty dub web site : <BR><A HREF="http://www.almighty-dub.com/index.php?r ... ords/kocha" TARGET="_top">All KoCha Tracks</A> <BR> <BR>Updated ODR on almighty-dub.com soon 1 years of best dubwise creativity. <BR> <BR>NOTE : Duborama 03 Released, private/promo only release, all works of 2003 and last special tracks in HQ and finish mastering. contact me if interested. <BR> <BR>JAH IS THE ALMIGHTY, <BR> <BR>KoCha <BR>www.Almighty-Dub.com
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