KoCha - Spritual Dubwise ! (free mp3s)

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KoCha - Spritual Dubwise ! (free mp3s)

Post by KoCha » Tue Mar 01, 2005 10:24 pm

Greetings, <BR> <BR>In first many thanks to all that help me to spread my music and to make it go better ! Thanks to hear me, and give me feedback ! <BR>Without that i can't keep working forward. <BR> <BR>After months of working, i have now two new tracks done, this tracks are made in the late end of 2004 &#40;others tracks are too finish and will follow but i can't give you now&#41;, i have put lot of power to achieve this two dub piece, specially on the composition part. The Mp3 compression breaks a little bit the drums at 128kbp/s, but no problem with tracks avaible at shop &#40;320kbp/s&#41;. <BR> <BR>Here the new tracks : <BR> <BR>---- <BR>KoCha - Becoming One &#91;...Nyabinghi style, jah bless...&#93; <BR>KoCha - Mind Escape &#91;...Melodica fly...&#93; <BR>---- <BR> <BR>Free versions avaible at the records section : <A HREF="http://www.almighty-dub.com/index.php?r ... cha&lng=EN" TARGET="_top">All KoCha Tracks</A> <BR> <BR>The "Online Dub Release" section has been updated, a lot of good work thru internet, check it ! and thanks to dubmasters to give us da good wise ! <BR> <BR>Jah Bless, <BR> <BR>KoCha <BR>www.Almighty-Dub.com
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