What is a "Wizz" fx (or instrument ) ???

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What is a "Wizz" fx (or instrument ) ???

Post by D.A. » Thu Sep 06, 2001 9:13 am

Hi, <BR>I'm just a dub newbie and saw a concert of LSP &#43; Mad Professor and Zion Train. <BR> <BR>Now, this Zion Train guy had a little metallic box on top of his set &#40;with three knobs or so&#41; and it generated something like a test tone and when he turned the knobs the frequency changed. <BR> <BR>If you want to hear an example go to <A HREF="http://www.infinitewheel.com/dubselector.html" TARGET="_top">http://www.infinitewheel.com/dubselector.html</A>. <BR>Choose dub selector #1, then it is the hexapad bottom right &#40;here it is called "Wizz FX"&#41; <BR> <BR>Does anybody know how this box is called, or where I can buy one ? Or a scheme so I can make one myself, ... ? <BR> <BR> <BR>D.A.

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What is a "Wizz" fx (or instrument ) ???

Post by interruptor » Thu Sep 06, 2001 3:24 pm

I think what you are looking for is a dub siren. <BR>Check the threads about sirens we already had here <BR>in the dub production folder. Hope this helps.. <BR> <BR>If not: <BR>The sound that can be heard at your link should be <BR>no problem to generate with any halfway decent <BR>synthesizer &#40;route an LFO to pitch&#41; <BR> <BR>peace <BR>The Interruptor

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What is a "Wizz" fx (or instrument ) ???

Post by johny2bad » Fri Sep 07, 2001 1:38 pm

It might be the infamous KAOS effects pad/unit that is taking the new skool Dub soundsystems by storm: <BR> <BR><A HREF="http://www.cyrogenix.contactbox.co.uk/k ... geview.htm" TARGET="_top">http://www.cyrogenix.contactbox.co.uk/k ... iew.htm</A>

Jon Gatiss
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What is a "Wizz" fx (or instrument ) ???

Post by Jon Gatiss » Tue Apr 30, 2002 4:16 pm

Sirens. Once upon a time a closely guarded secret. My bred's siren had all the components iD scrathched off. I built my one.from a maplin kojac kit and built trigger and kill toggle and pulse switches and its nifty box. <BR>Also use Electrix filter factory. self oscillating filter. <BR>give thanks, dj excavator and the conkerin kitten studio. &#40;first light sound uk&#41;.

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