can someone recomend synthesizers? not only for bass

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can someone recomend synthesizers? not only for bass

Post by ion5 » Fri Dec 28, 2007 3:41 pm

i am kinda after sth to do extrem stuff.... iration steppas fe example uses a lot of those synthesizer tricks wich i am after...

important is probably that it got appregiator, the possibility to change into 3,4 diferent octaves and a big plus gotta be midi to do the real layering of the same notes by different sounds...

i personaly try to get hold of an jupiter 4...but no midi....

anybody know what synths used by heavy steppa crews like iration steppas, vibronics, boomschakalaka, shaka etc?

please dont get it like i would try to copy, i just have an idea in what sound-areas i wanna move and the right synth is a must for that... i know some good vsts but thats not for really getting freaky during the mix etc..

thanks and best wishes fi 2008 inna falling babylon

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Post by interruptor » Sat Dec 29, 2007 5:13 am

You can see the equipment lists of Russ D (Disciples/BoomShackaLacka) and Dubcreator on their websites:

Russ D's backyard studio
Roland JV1080
Emu Vintage Keys Plus Module
Novation Bass Station Keyboard
Novation Bass Station Rack
Roland SH09

NI Battery 3
NI Electric Piano
NI Acoustic Piano
Legacy Bass
Dubcreator Studio
Emu Proteus 2000
Korg MS2000r
Roland R5
Novation Bassstation rack
Alesis DM5
Viscount D9e
Yamaha SY22
Roland D110
Siel DK70
It would be helpful if you could post a link to a sample of those extreme synth sounds you are after (artist website with audio, amazon product page, ..)

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Post by ion5 » Sat Dec 29, 2007 1:23 pm

interesting, i thought disciples use th AN1x not the JV1080

hmmm but anyway i am no friend of lil displays and p.i.t.a. seutp-surface...

well the sounds are for example in nearly every iration steppas tune, getting kinda slightly detuned and the same melody is layerd as 2,3 different sounds at once..... and of course octave changing. (the closest i go there one time was the superb OBERON)

lets just as an simple example say love 2001 tehre the orig sound seems to be sth brass-like

also strings must be possible in variation, like for example the main string.melodiy in I.S. "angelic symphony"

i think an external signal input must be really good..

i was about to buy the ROLAND jupiter 4 first , now i think more about the AN1x
but still unsure... is it easy to use or horror setup?
also, what format are the patches? XLS ? i mean u find a lot of dem in the net, are they any different to the "expansions" meant fe buy?
JV108 battah??????

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Post by interruptor » Mon Dec 31, 2007 12:59 am

I start to understand.. On Amazon I found some samplers with Iration Steppas tunes (click to listen):

Wicked Melt Away - Iration Steppas Vs D. Rootical (from Dubhead, Vol. 3)
Rejection - Iration Steppas (from Dubhead Sound Clash Series Session, Vol. 1)
Running Away (Hard Mix) - Iration Steppas VS D.Rootical (from Dubhead, Vol. 1)
Tribesman Dub - Iration Steppas (from Dubhead Sound Clash Series Session, Vol. 1)

The first two tracks feature those synth leads you mention. I agree that they sound brass-like. So I'd suggest to layer some detuned saw waves. The Oberon VST that you mentioned is a synth which is built exactly for that type of synthesis. Maybe you could try to use more than one instance of it to layer different sounds.

Regarding the AN1x: I used one many years ago to create an acid-like lead synth-line. Although the machine has a small display I found it really easy to program thanks to the parameter dial and increment/decrement buttons on the right side of the panel. I have no idea how good it would be for the Iration stepper lead sound mentioned above though.

It's a shame the two Iration Steppas CDs are so hard to get. The 30 second snippets linked above sound very promising to me, particularly "Running away". What a bassline!

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Post by ion5 » Tue Jan 01, 2008 6:02 pm

ites dan, blessings for the nuyear...

first, it is not that complicate to get hold on the two albums as vinyl, check and uk for it..... whats hard is to get the heavy remixes on the maxis etc....

back to topic :-?

-with more than one instance u mean like 2,3 midi tracks with each an oberon eh?
but no idea how to get a simple wave form like saw or sine with it since it only has those presets and no option for hit extern sample data through or???

the thing is that i really dont get happy with doing such freaky things only with vst... even having a good midi controller...
so i look for a good old synth... well and i think i know wich one.. since i am also not a friend of digital interfaces on synths...i ve to get some vintage but i ll give oberon some tests again soon... like a real one not easy to get sth really good out, but after some programming and effects it simply rocks every other synth-vst imo

read ya

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Post by interruptor » Thu Jan 03, 2008 12:45 am

Yes, that's what I meant with several instances. (2,3 midi tracks with each an oberon)

There is no manual for the Oberon but as far as I figured out the synthesis actually is based on saw and square/pulse wave forms:

Oscillator 1 is called "TRI-SAW".
Actually these are three saw oscillators mixed together. They can play all on the same note ("UNISON" mode) or each oscillator on it's own octave ("TRI OCT" mode). They can also be detuned against each other.

Oscillator 2 is called "BI-PULSE".
These are two square/pulse oscillators playing the same note. Again the oscillators can be detuned against each other.

I tweaked the Oberon for a while trying to emulate the synth in "wicked melt away" and came to a somewhat usable result. i safed the sound as an effect preset and attached it to this message. if you can't load that preset just copy the parameters from the screenshot below. (don't complain.. once you have a real vintage analog synth this may be your only method of restoring a "preset". :))

It's not really the exact same sound. But it's as close as you can get with an Oberon I'd say. The original has more character. Maybe some effects and eq-ing will do the trick. (or using a REAL analog synth ?? hehe :madgrin: )

bye for now..
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Post by interruptor » Fri Jan 04, 2008 12:11 am

One more option:
"Minimogue va" is a free moog emulation. again I attached a preset program and screenshot of a setting which sounds quite close to the synthline on wicked melt away.

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Post by Blaminack » Sat Jan 05, 2008 3:52 am

I love the MiniMogue Synth. It's Sub Bass preset is a great place to start a nasty bass line.

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Post by ion5 » Sun Jan 06, 2008 8:38 pm

wow dan thanks so much for the work!!!
i am in beautifull slowakia now, but gonna try it out when back home
yes know the minimoogue too, also gonna trz that preset

blessed luv
and give thanks fi sharing those informations

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Post by lisboainjersey » Tue Oct 28, 2008 3:37 pm

buy a old casio, and make some crazy modifications if you have the time, all you have to do is put a connector on to it if it dont already have one and you're done. Feed it through all kinds of stuff!, reverb mixed with some phazer and reverse, craaazzyyyeeii

Cheap synth, casio saX = £10, peices = £10, done! hehehe.


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Good innovative technique.

Post by JahNice » Fri Oct 31, 2008 5:02 pm

I love to experiment like this also some times..
I have a Casiotone MT-68 and a casiotone 101 (i got them last year for 5€ each on a car-boot sale. next thing i saw was some CRAZY people on ebay paying 100 bucks for the mt68 :proud: ).

I also have some other toy keyboards for children, just run 'em thru mi morley pro phazer or some wahwah or filter or reverb or flanger or combine these or just find a Spring reverb that suits my purpose and voila :boombox: ! of course this may not work for you if you are looking for fat clean leading synths for strictly electronic dub, but its a fun innovative way if you dont want to always use free plug-ins.
And you can get some really nice and warm vintage effects like this..

So these are my (LowBudget-)synths :rofl:
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