dubxane : dubbing the police

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dubxane : dubbing the police

Post by interruptor » Sat Jun 07, 2008 12:42 pm

Echobeach releases an album of dub styled Police covers by an outfit called Dubxane. Hear the promo on myspace:

label page: http://www.echobeach.de/eb_067_dubxanne ... n_dub.html

01. Walking On The Moon (Walking On The Dub)
02. Roxanne - (Dubxanne) - Dub Version feat. EASED FROM SEEED
03. Can´t Stand Losing You (Can't Stand Losing Dub)
04. The Bed´s Too Big Without You (The Bed's Too Big Without Dub) feat. Ranking Roger
05. Driven to Tears (Driven To Dub)
06. Message In A Bottle (Message In A Dub) feat. Earl 16
07. Once Upon A Daydream (Once Upon A Dubdream)
08. Spirts In A Material World (Spirits In A Dubworld) feat. Benjamin Zephaniah
09. Someone To Talk To (Someone To Dub To)
10. So Lonely (So Dub) feat. Big Youth
11. Reggatta De Blanc (Reggatta De Dub)
12. Wrapped Around Your Finger (Wrapped Around Your Dub) feat. Jazz'min
13. Bring On The Night (Dub On The Night)

press release:
"In the late seventies, THE POLICE were the biggest band in Britain; by the early eighties they ruled the globe as a three-headed, bleached-blond monster of rock (or to be more precise... they pioneered an evolutionary shift in rock - sensitive and articulate, in touch with the feminine side, the new model band with a new man as a singer.)

Surfing a new wave sound which valued intellectual cool and lightly sprinkled ethnic influences over the discredited rock'n'roll bluster of old. The first post-punk supergroup.

A constructive arrogance and a very lucky streak...!!!

At the end of 1977, over the Christmas period, Stewart Copeland played Sting some of his reggae records. When Summers returned to Britain from his vacation in America, he found his band mates newly inspired by Jamaican sounds.

"There's is this terrible wrong-headed cliché that The Police were a white reggae band," protests Summers. "We weren't at all. A white reggae band would be UB40. The Police was The Police. We took elements out of reggae, principally the bassline and tempo, and used them creatively... and that was the point of departure." Indeed it was. Reggae rhythms finally shook The Police free from post-punk rock convention. They loosened up, lightened up, opened up. They were ready for take off. The rest of this story has become history - to date, 40 million people all over the world have bought a Police record...!

23 years later ... and everybody knows what's going on with The Police: they've reformed and went back out on tour. Another key event - also 23 years later - is the release of a project which has been simmering for quite some time now: The Police in Dub. Due for release in 2008 on ECHO BEACH. The first recordings for the Police In Dub sessions by DubXanne (backed by Okada) started in September 2006.

After exhaustive scrutiny of the Police back catalogue at EMI Music Publishing (which controls and manages the rights for Sting's songs) and lengthy negotiations with Sting's management team, final consent for the project was granted in March 2008. Now the world can sit back and look forward to dub versions of the biggest tunes by The Police :

Title: "The Police In Dub"
Artist: DubXanne
Format: CD
Catalogue: Echo Beach CD067
Release date: 30.05.08
(13 Tracks - 71 Minutes playtime)"

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Post by dub rising » Wed Jan 07, 2009 12:48 am

it's one of the best dub albums nowadays
check it out :D

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