AcmeBarGig Knuckle Head FreeWare Release

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AcmeBarGig Knuckle Head FreeWare Release

Post by jedaprin » Thu Sep 10, 2009 7:05 pm


OK, so here's amp number 3 from the Classic Hybrid line!

Knuckle Head (you see where we're going with these names?) is a bad boy bruiser with a sweet and soft side that it's not afraid to show! While this amp wouldn't think twice about assaulting your ears with decimating tone (DSP JOKE! :P)it can also churn out some sweet, soothing chimes for the softer-side of things - and don't think it's scared to get raunchy either!

Knuckle Head is Capable of kicking out tones that range from sweet, glistening cleans to SRV and Yardbirds style smokin' hot crunch right through to punishing high gain destruction - Knuckle Head does it all with style!

Here's what Ken has to say about Knuckle Head!:

'Knuckle head is the brute force amp of the collection. His poweramp is the main tone maker, it gives you a raunchy heavy distortion or a nice crunchy yardbirds type tone. Although it is capable of all the sounds in between. I have only ever been able to get this distorted sound from a real amp and no other amp sim has ever been abe to give me the raunchy sort of distorted high mid that this one does. With mid cranked, Treble master cranked, bass 3/4, Treble off, master 1/4 everything else cranked, it will give you a superb machine gun type of fast picking while riding a string, like picking the e string really fast while palm muting.'

He's damn right about the palm muting, this thing feels absolutely perfect for chugging style riffs and will have your right hand chugging up and down like there's no tomorrow, in fact, you probably haven't had this much fun chugging like this since you were 15 and had the house to yourself for a night...

So, if you haven't got Dick Head and Meat Head already, go get them (now!!) and round off the trio! Check back tomorrow to come one sim closer to completing the collection!

Bear in mind the Preampus Line amps are HEAD ONLY, you will NEED to use some external cabinet modeling, we highly recommend LePou's LeCab, which you can grab here:

Download Knuckle Head at

There are a number of real world amps that make use of the term 'Knuckle Head' - AcmeBarGig's Preampus Knuckle Head is in no way related to any of these amps, it is not a tonal copy in any way of any amp that might bear the term Knuckle Head, nor is it in any way affiliated with any manufacturer of amps that bear the term.

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