THE ultimate P.A. sub-bass cabinet

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THE ultimate P.A. sub-bass cabinet

Post by noiseboy » Sat Sep 26, 2015 7:17 pm

Hi guys, been back from Rototom Sunsplash near Valencia, Spain for a couple of weeks now but still feel the need to share the experience there.
It's Europe's biggest reggae festival and is a winner every year. The sound system for the main stage is always exceptional.
This year however we experienced sub-bass like we have never heard in our lives (and we have heard, so we thought, everything from awesome to mediocre).
Experience of the D.A.S. UX221 cabinet cannot be described in words alone.
Rototom had 18 (yes eighteen!) of these subs for the main stage and each cabinet has 2 x 21" speakers each capable of an 8000w peak power handling that's 16kw per cabinet! I could not believe what I was hearing or feeling. So,so powerful, silky smooth and unique. These speakers have set a new benchmark for live reggae bass. I really hope you get to experience them. They are nothing short of incredible. Just the fact that they work for days without shaking themselves apart is amazing.
Now trying to source some of these beauties in the U.K. Just a pair would be fantastic for any event. D.A.S. is based in Valencia.

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