Testing Sound Effects

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Testing Sound Effects

Post by Artichoke Soundclash » Fri Mar 29, 2019 7:03 pm

I wanted to share a tip with everybody exploring the world of effects, new to it, or seasoned.

Using pink noise (as a sound source) - constant stream of hiss, then placing a flanger or phaser over it, will reveal far more nuance, letting you set the effect, in the context of the song with way more accuracy, then re substitute the pink noise, with the intended audio, and re-evaluate.

A short sharp burst, of pink noise, brilliant for setting up reverbs

And again a burst of noise is great for setting filters on delay loops

Because the pink noise is a flat all frequency hiss, it reveals a lot,

with your intended audio, you will struggle to make these distinctions out.

Using the noise, whilst with the context of the song, often you will keep the noise as it sounds so good.


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