Ganja smoke in the studio?

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Ganja smoke in the studio?

Post by meow » Tue Sep 13, 2005 4:38 pm

The spirit of ganja makes the soul lighter. A lighter soul is more apparent to the unseen. Ganja occaionally, is very important to life - Don't abuse the ganja as over use is useless action and very harmful to body and mind. <BR> <BR>Say know to drugs K,N,O,W!!!

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Ganja smoke in the studio?

Post by Triffidd » Tue Sep 13, 2005 7:35 pm

It is not possible to "abuse" ganja. If you can't face yourself and your creator with open eyes, you are rebelling against yourself and you can only delay the inevitable by avoiding ganja. Ganja brings immediacy of consequence. Everyone reaps what they sow. <BR> <BR>It is not a drug. It is from Jah and warnings/cautions are not appropriate. It is an enabler of brain functions that already exist in your brain but are less active without it. <BR> <BR>Regarding the studio equipment, ganja smoke in the studio will preserve your faders by adding a thin layer of oily carbon to the carbon contacts that they have inside. Probably King Tubby just had a keen sense of humour by saying it would ruin his equipment &#40;he did make several Rasta and straight ganja-oriented dubs&#41;, or else he thought they would affect his tubes.

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Post by drewzle » Sat Nov 08, 2008 1:14 pm

lechat wrote:a tale i read by phil brown, while recording burnin' was while doing an edit on the mulitrack master of i shot the sherrif, he was so damn high from the wailers' huge joints, that with the joint hanging out of his mouth, the cherry dropped right on the tape, and fried about a bar. he had to do some quick (stoned) thinking and fancy editing real fast.
:lol: i bet he did!!

great discussion, and good to read some differing opinions

ganja can both help and hinder my production. i tend to go through stages, and if i'm currently puffing as soon as i wake up in the's probably not helping my creativity. but if i treat it with respect, and lay some groundwork on a track first THEN tends to be a wonderful experience, with new ideas and concepts about the music coming out.


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