The Aquarium
I was awaken by the sound of a passing car. Unlike the night before, when a friend picked me up at the airport and brought me here, the room was now filled with an intense sound mixture coming from outside. Voices in a language I don't know seemed to compete with the traffic noise and a whole range of strange sounds I never heard before. Everything was loud and seemed very close, so I rushed to a window and carefully peeped through the curtains, hoping nobody would see me.
Outside, the sun was already high in the sky. People in colourful clothes were strolling along a street covered on the edges by red dust. Others, sitting on their garden fence, were chatting and watching the traffic roll by. Many of the houses in the street were painted pink or baby blue, some of them only looking halfway finished. I stood there for a long while, feeling somehow as if I was looking into an exotic aquarium.
"Wow", I thought "That's it, I am in Africa!"