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Posted on Friday, December 21, 2001 - 10:44 pm:   

hi all. this message is half statement, half question.
first, my situation:
i' m trying to put together a setup for a 2-man live show. my plan is to do the following:
burn cd's of my preprogrammed drum tracks. (i know some of you aren't down w/ the programmed tracks, but i've been happy with the stuff i've done in reason.) my beats are bass, snare, hihats. when i mix down to burn them, i pan bass and hihat hard left, snare hard right. i put a "y" splitter on the left channel, send into 2 channels of board (or, as my trans-atlantic brethren call it, "desk".) send snare into another channel. i use board's eq to kill highs from 1 of the left channel splits, thus isolating the bass. do the opposite on the other half, isolating hats. this way, bass, snare and hats each get their own channel. also into board goes my sampler, which contains additional drum sounds, sound effects, guitar sounds, etc, all triggered in realtime by me. live bass player plays bass, which goes into his amp head, then into my desk. cool? it seems like it should work. now the question part: can i use this desk i have?

i've acquired a tascam m-208 desk. anyone know it? it's a 4-buss 8 input desk. it's got the swept-mid "british" eq's which should help in my "three channels from two" strategy outlined above. i haven't entirely figured it out yet, but what it's clearly designed to do best is simple 4-track recording. as far as i can tell, it's got a dedicated effects send, which returns in stereo. i overstand that part, pretty much the same as a typical "aux" send, like on my little mackie board, (which won't do for this live setup.) i'd like to have at least 2, preferrably more, aux sends for effects. i'm gonna be starting out with one of those 2-channel, affordable multi-effects processors, like the cheap lexicon stuff. (any recommendations here are welcome.) and i'd obviously like to be able to process each channel with varying amounts of one or two different effects, as you'd do with a few aux sends and effects units. the question is, how close can i come to doing this with this desk? besides, the effects send, there's this "pfl" send, which i believe is like a seperate pre-fader send, with no return. could i use this as another "aux", with the return going to an individual channel (or even 2) on my board/desk? also, is the effects send pre or post fader? the other idea was to try to get creative with the 3rd and 4th busses, figuring out a way to use them as sends. the only thing is, that might be difficult if i want to do any panning, since panning to buss 1(L) would also favor buss 3, and so on.

so that's where i'm at. do ihave any idea what i'm talking about? so far, all my stuff has been me at home in my "studio", so i'm learning as i go. any ideas, strategies, whatever are welcome. by the way, this is a great board. i'm glad to have found it. if my boss knew how much of my work day is spent lurking here...

Mike Zee
Posted on Saturday, December 22, 2001 - 03:47 pm:   

****now the question part: can i use this desk i have? ***

Hey, man, I think the answer to your question is: YEP ! :)
I mean sure you can use this 'mighty' mixing "desk" , he he...., it's kinda cool , actually.
BTW, just for fun, check out this guy's studio, he got one, it's funny pic, ;), also other 'junk' there, includin' cat....
If seriousely, it's going to be maybe a bit hard to get allot from m-208, just because of not much chnls, well, I am not even talking about sound of the mixer, i guess it's not the issue here.
You have to be creative there, in general, with 'twisted mind' you can make dubs with four chnl mixer.
About using buss(s) for send-to-effects: go fo it.
Dubsters do it all the time. Actually I don't think I use any send/return knobs for dubbin' , well, like in 90% of cases or so..., I always use other chnls and/or buss(s).
Well, man, you've said allot about what you are trying to do there. Ask if you have some more specific question, then maybe guys could give you some tip/idea or what ever.
again, go for it, use the mixer. when you get a chance/or cash, then sure get yourself a bigger thing...

also, there's nothing wrong with programming drums :), me thinkin'....

all the best,
Mike Zee

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