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Posted on Wednesday, March 26, 2003 - 01:33 pm:   

i would really like to get a synth to experiment with. I have been using real instruments so far to produce but i would love somthing that could do rumbling sub, as well as a bit of weird floaty keyboard etc. I have a reasonable budget but im not morgaging my house! can anyone recomend anything?
one love

Mike Zee
Posted on Wednesday, March 26, 2003 - 08:54 pm:   

Bob, I'm a bit confused with your question because your post in 'computer-based dubbing' section. So I am not sure are you looking for some 'real' synthesizer or for some computer program. Also there's a big difference between 'older' analog synthesizers (which are very cool) and today's digital (midi-controlled) synthesizers, also to get the most out of digital synth you may want to get some computer-based sequencing program (with which you can really get something specific and not just as result of random accedents), also: are you thinking of actually playing the synth or use it just for sound-creation.??? what's you budget (max)...i mean the prices are really vary from under 100 through $3000 and up....


Posted on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 02:51 am:   

im looking for a real synth.i want it for sound creation mostly, my budget is like £1000 - £1500 max. im using cubase to sequence audio i've recored, im still at a fairly basic level. I have no more idea about old synths than new ones i have to admit. im a saxophanist/piano plyer and i have never really used them before, ain't old ones hard to find an expensive? i need deep deeeeep sub! sorry i still havnt figured out how you put across my thoughts into coherent type .....................................

Mike Zee
Posted on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 04:19 am:   

Bob, since you have computer sequencer you can llok for a rack-version of digital synthesizer (which means that you don't spend money for a keyboard and often built-in sequencer), well, the thing is, however, that without a key-board controller it is sort of 'handless' and hard to do anything, unless you already have some good exprerience with computer-sequence. So in general, you can get yourself some simple midi-controller and a rack-synthesiser, you'll connect midi-out from controller to computer, and midi-out of the computer to midi-in of the rack synth and here'Ya go. Well, man, you'll need to go through the learning curve anyway. But the whole idea is: at the end you''l be able to get out of the synthesizer something really useful for your production. If you don't dig-into, then really it is hard to find any good machine - it is one way or the other - you can spend thousands and thousands of bucks, get yourself the whole bunch of sythesizers and learn to play keyboards (just like any instrument, btw, it's absolutely not the same as playing piano or church organ - technique is different) - OR, you can get yourself one synthesizer with good base-foundation and dig into it and then you can get pretty much anything you need out of it with combination of patch editing, midi-control and external (mixer/eq, compressor etc) processing.
I can give you one example. Here's the url to go to check out:
Patchlist SR-JV80-04, it is an expansion sound-board (ROM) for a Roland JV-series synthesizers. There's mp3-link there to download, do it, listen as example, it's a sounds of older synth, you can hear vary subbin' synth and other stuff. But again, to get something usefull you'll need to go through learning how to get the sounds you are looking for. For more go here:
RolandJVexpansion, check out dance, techno, maybe some other, they have mp3-sound to check out.
You can get used JV1080 for under $500, then add boards (up to four extra-boards).

Also man, there is a ton of other synth with very good sounding basses, but again, you can just keep buying em' untill you get sick of it :)

You can get NOVATION BassStation Rack and have it your way :) heh heh
PhatWaldorf and get yourself into creating phat sounds
NordModular and get really into it's computerized lab - pretty much endless possability, but REALLY hard to learn to get something DESIRED but not random "cool" sh*t
You can get yourself are REAL analog synthesizer (it's gotta be used, and well not as cheap as you may expect) - but the, what are you going to do with it - you can simply sequence it - you can play it (which is really hard) - or sample it.

well, man, if you get specific question about some specific synth - ask away, if I don't know , maybe other guys around here have it or know something about it.

The problem is, man, that subbass/deep bass sound is a very tricky creature - it's hard to control, it is REALLY hard to place 'right' into the mix. The sound may be very cool alone, but when you get to the point of actually using it for composition - you just never know what it is going to do - most of the time it just KILLS everything or simply does not fit-in. It's a trip, man. You just need to work-out each individual mix on your mixing board and toys around - and there any bass/synth can play the RIGHT role of sub-bassin' texture.


Posted on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 10:53 am:   

Bob, since you allready got a pc and cubase why don't you try out some free virtual synths which can run as plug-ins inside cubase? this will give you an idea about what's possible with synths at no cost. once you got a more specific idea about the type of synth you need you can still look for a specific real hardware product.
have a look at synth1 for example. this synth is really comparable to a clavia nordlead! it has a broad range of sounds and there is no doubt it can provide boneshaking subs.. also check the additional soundbanks programmed by users worldwide.
another free one i like a lot is oberon. this one has a more specific sound. it reminds me of those "seventies dinosaur synths".

peace & love
daniel aka the interruptor

Posted on Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 01:20 pm:   

Cool,... thanks


Posted on Saturday, March 29, 2003 - 12:10 pm:   

I love two sub bass sound from cheap keyboard
that are really cool for stepper dub style
juno 106,and korg ms10 off course(this one can also create a lot off other sounds like siren or others special effect and can be used like a filter effect),will be more cheap and warmer than a modular or novation i think.

Posted on Friday, March 05, 2004 - 02:58 pm:   

I use a Clavia Nord Lead and Nord Lead 3, but would say that a nord modular or micro modular is probably the most versitile and cheapest way to get into virtual analogue synths- as they offer such complex and easily programable patch creation.
The best analogue bass synths I've tried is Juno 60- It's as fat as you like. The virtual analogue synths (eg nord etc) are good for getting sounds, but distortion and filtering isn't good enough (IMHO) and requires outside attention, as the distortion knob just adds obviously digital noise.
I personally don't get on with VST plugins too well (appart from the dub siren VSTI - it's bloody great)- I like to grab stuff with my hands, but there's loads out there, both free and expensive- the novation V station I've tried recently and liked the sounds......
Just remember that practice with any synth real or virtual, and you eventually work out how to make the sounds you want, and if you can find one with a random button- so much the better.

Posted on Friday, March 05, 2004 - 03:00 pm:   

Oh yeh- forgot something- Realy low (sub 50Hz) bass uses up loads of the amp power on rigs- I personally filter it out of the mix, cause otherwise soundsystems can realy struggle to reproduce it.

Posted on Saturday, July 08, 2006 - 06:08 am:   

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