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Mike Zee
Posted on Tuesday, November 12, 2002 - 06:06 am:   

Hi, all,
I've spent some time to add some new "products" to ZEE DUB LAB caffe-store.
I would not expect anybody buying this stuff, unless there're couple crazy rich guys around :), heh heh, it's just too expansive toys, but check it out as just for dub-related designs etc..., if you have a minutte-to-kill.
I have 12-page calendar there, greeting-cards, some other new edditions.
couple links:
12page calendar 2003
all stuff

'n respects
/Mike Zee

Posted on Monday, November 18, 2002 - 01:43 am:   

There are some cool images there Mike. I especially like February, Septembet and October, in the calander. (I presume they are for those months, but I'm just going by the way they are arranged. Actually, looking at some of them again and I wouldn't neccessarily have a favorite.

I like the greeting card as well, but I can't think of a single solitary person who would appreciate it if I sent it too them! Philistines!

Your page often makes my computer crash so I didn't risk opening the "all stuff" link.

Mike Zee
Posted on Monday, November 18, 2002 - 09:15 am:   

bin_ez, thanks, man, for checkin'out and writing :)
btw, "all stuff" isn't my page... it's the same page, just with all items... they have a set of available items there, which you can design graphics/prints for... some cool stuff, some totally useless. heh heh ... if not all :)
Yeah, I know whtcha'mean by saying: "can't think of a single solitary person who would appreciate"... hah hah, this is just what my wife told me...the same thing... She said: "I love Maria'n The CHILD , and feel of it, but there's something "scarry" about the mood, and colors, and that "mask" especially, and the strangeness of "kind of technical electrical parts etc..."...
It's a pretty "twisted" image, really ..isn't it...
btw, it is based on a digital photo of a real 'music box' .... one of antiques from my wife's collection ;)... it plays Greensleeves...

also, just in case, a note.
this is from my experience about
I have no idea about quality of their paper prints. I've heard they are good, but never ordered any myself.
Their t-shirts are pretty cheap-kind, I've ordered coupl. Prints-on are pretty good, but the shirts themselves are not top stuff at all.
The only stuff there, which I really like are MUGs - these come out really good, and well, mugs are mugs... you can't go wrong with them :)
The bags and grey sweaters ...well, I don't know..., but my guess... nahhh, they prollllly even cheaper quality than t-shirts., but I really don't know. The whole thing is pretty expansive as I've said.... :( anyway...
ok, later guys,
/m zee


Posted on Monday, November 18, 2002 - 09:50 pm:   

Hi Mike,

Great Job, You a crazy graphico-technico-artis ;)

All this stuff is funny, but have you statistics about selling ? i'm just curious ?

Almighty Dub Studio
[New Release]

Mike Zee
Posted on Tuesday, November 19, 2002 - 02:33 am:   

thnx KoCha :)

statistics? hah hah... it's pretty much a joke... this is not anything like a real store. It's good "service" thou if you wish to set-up something available, or just to create something ond order for yourself, like for "family/friends ..for fun "gifts". Or you can design something just for sure can do it better in local store, but it's like for people who don't want go out, and just do it all on "computer", beam it up and order on-line ..heh heh ... It's great for people who seat infront of computer's screen 24/7
I had these "stores" for a few years, i think since that cafepress site was created, and I have like five of them for different projects.
I have very few orders: one hoodie from dublab, one beach-hat, couple items from my other trance-related store (stain, black cap and a bear)...and it looks like these orderes in production process...., also there are couple "fraud suspect"-orders...what ever that means, .... that's about it.
bin_ez, btw, these images for Septembet and October , if you mean with the 'leaf'... is from "Double Line" album design. It's a pretty "meaningful" idea there...well,'s a sort of about "structure and freedom".
"Double-Line" is The Law.
"Double Line on both sides - is actually "oppression" - :)
"The Leaf" is an image of a "person" or "single soul" , which has been trapped in a concrete structure at the end of his(its) life cycle.
You also can see there a "special shot" of my Ibanez-Bass :)
The "tool handles" (and also image of 1+2 logs on the grass) are for a song/dub-track, called "One Step Forward-Two Sideway", what it much to blah blah ... it's bassically about the idea, that "there's no sucha thing as "steps backward"... not in real life , anyway. Another words, if you had $100 and next day you have only $20 ... it does not mean that you are $80-steps backward, you are still ahead, but just with less cash :) ... so just keep on walkin' ...

ok, later, guys,

/Mike Zee

Posted on Tuesday, November 19, 2002 - 11:17 pm:   

"One Step Forward-Two Sideway", hey, I like that idea man, very true.
But hey, you can't be disrespecting Max Romeo though :)

hmmm...what I took from the image of the leaf was a juxtaposition of nature and y'know, corperate crap. I don't know, I'm going to write more later. Interesting stuff.

Mike Zee
Posted on Wednesday, November 20, 2002 - 03:50 am:   

"WAR INA BABYLON" ? if you mean "One Step Forward" - the song, :) heh heh ..true,
bin_ez, but if I get the message right from Max, he's idea is similar, saying 'don't step backward...' ..unless i'm missin' something there...

my thought/idea ..what ever that is... , is more general/or universal - no specific message, or polotical point ... It was just spinning in my mind for a while, I can't really put it into words, it's more like a sort of mood, than a philosophycal idea.
I have a short description of this track which is this:
One long log - two short ones. One Hammer - two shovels. Teakettle - Two Cups. And all that is: these are "THINGS". Will it be different? - NO. Will it be the same? - NO. Will it be just another day? - There is a chance, maybe. Philosophy: ONE STEP FORWARD - TWO SIDEWAY. Keep on walking.

it's like an expression of feeling that life is what it is, and it never goes backward, and never ends, however you never know. So you just accept it as is and keep on walkin' ...
well, again, it's sounds just like a buncha blah blah- hah hah ... i know, I like playing with words and images ... it's fun thing to do also :), especially if it makes people think ...regardless of the actual subject/idea , you know ...

/m zee

Mike Zee
Posted on Wednesday, November 20, 2002 - 04:00 am:   

oh, btw, the main "wording theme" "Double Line" is:
There's Double Line On The Left,
There's Double Line On The Right.
What Kind Of Freeway is this?

and the other main "theme" is:
-Speak Whatever...
....and on the last word, Let Me Go.
which means , that without basic freedom - no words, no condition, no explanation, no reason will do. Say what ever you want, but let me go at the end....

and then it goes on ... :)

Posted on Thursday, November 21, 2002 - 03:12 am:   

"There's Double Line On The Left,
There's Double Line On The Right.
What Kind Of Freeway is this?"

These are the lyrics, yeah? Do double lines mean no parking over there? I like that thought: no stopping, no time to smell the roses, go, go, go, work, work, work...
Well, I don't like the existence of the thought, but I like the analysis of it. In life, in general etc.

[Is there a help link that will show me how to do italics, and what not? Is it simply html? It's quite difficult to express exactly what you mean with out italics.]

With regard to Max, I believe the song was written to Micheal Manley, he was saying his politics weren't working. But I like the Prince Jazzbo version, "One step forward, no step backward". (Max actually says "two step backwards"). Okay, I'm listening to it now, and he says both, I was only joking about the disrespect thing, I think it's a great twist on a classic. :)

Could you put up a direct link, so I could download one of those tunes? The reason your site makes my computer crash is because it is so big. Lots of images and all that, and my connection just gives up after a while, and...poof! Like Keyser Soze :)

enough waffle, later.

Mike Zee
Posted on Thursday, November 21, 2002 - 04:20 am:   

"One Step Forward-Two Sideway" is all instrumental track, in style, what I would call "light walkin'steppin' with dub-feel" ..heh heh :)
direct link is: HERE[ply,download]
The "Double Line" album is a very strange thing from point of view 'what kind of music it is', I would not even try, you can try to listen, you may like it or may really hate it ... The idea(s) and voice/vocals and speakin'lines are all over through the album..., I mean there's no a specific song with "hard lyrics" there. Also, I'd hardly really call the album as DUB-album, it's dub-influenced, for sure....
One track is a sort of a humourous, it is made as a sort of "live recording/performing session"..., it's kinda funny, here: DON'T DUB ME UP!
The "speak what ever - let me go" theme goes through the tracks here'n there, but the last one expresses it finally, well, it's downtempo/trip-hop track, try listening, if you wish: LetMeGo
Couple other tracks from DoubleLine:
Dirt, this is a hard'n harsh sounding track, ment to express a sort of angy-mood when life makes you "eat dirt" ....
And Where Is The White Rabit, this is a pretty much 'obstract' tune...the idea is: "At the end of the road, you'll hit the WALL, and you'll say: "So Is That It? And So where Is It???, where Is What You've promiseed, asking me to "FOLLOW YOU"????....
ok, man, again, I don't know if you can or can not dig this kind of staff musically..., well, check em out...

/m zee

Posted on Thursday, November 21, 2002 - 06:38 am:   

I will download some of them tomorrow. Right now, I'm desperatly in need of some sleep.
One thing. I presume that is a picture of you I saw? If so, I'll never be able to read one of your posts and keep a straight face again. :)

Nah, I'm only messing, it's kind of wierd putting a face to all the stuff I've read. Nothing like I'd imagined (unsurprisingly).

Mike Zee
Posted on Thursday, November 21, 2002 - 09:35 am:   

hah hah ha , man , ...wel, it IS funny, whatYa saying.
Well, true is: it is me, and the same time it is absolutely not.!!!!
This picture, where I am playing as a "character in the movie" ... the movie, which does not exist, also ... but I needed this haracter. It's me as RALF-FDDR - 2002. - the main haracter in "The MACHINE" 3-act electro-musical. RALF - is A Dude, who isn't a human being, he's a machine.... he was created as a perfect man... and gone through "transformation" , turning into a monster with an "internal personality crash" as a finale ... This guy (i mean , man-machine) is an image of self-centricism (is this a word??? :) ) in its top.
btw, I have a buncha of other images, similar...where i'm in a sort of "other persona role..." The funniest, I think is "STAMMER", the crazy city-dude, who is out of his mind, who thinks, that he is a world traveler, while just riding a city-train every day, after morning egg-breakfast and packing his 'empty bass-guitar case" with some funny items... it's a "Stammer In Dub" ... ;)

here's the station page for it: stammer in dub

heh heh, so keep thins in mind.


Mike Zee
Posted on Thursday, November 21, 2002 - 09:54 am:   

also, man, if you have to spend allots of time downloading, then don't... these tracks are really so-so shi**y..., not even "streight dub", really...
if you just wish to listen to somethin' what I was after, get this stammer's dubs... they are crappy, but at least dub's , Ya know :)

here's: StammerInTheKitchen[eggs up dub], this is a minimal kind of dub with a haracter of 'cracking eggs and cookin'em up' ... I call this kind of stuff as 'humour in dub' ...., you can link it to "RatInTheKitchen" ... or to "BreakfastMachine" from PeeWee's Adventure by D Elfman ...if you wish ..heh heh


Mike Zee
Posted on Thursday, November 21, 2002 - 03:02 pm:   

oyyyyyyyy, guys, check out the new clack design I've just finished. It turned out pretty cool...i think, I even like it myself heh heh :)
Here's direct link to the zoomed page, t's too bad that you can't see the finest resolution...:
ZDL WALL Clock New Design
, it is based on one of the fragment of oil painting combined with elements of electronics, some nuts, pieces of stuff etc... it was designed/painted for "Carelessly Guilty" album... went pretty good for the wall clock, well, it maybe a little too "theatrical" ...maybe ...not sure.... I kinda like it :)

/m zee

Posted on Friday, November 22, 2002 - 05:08 pm:   

Mike Zee, just two word : "Beautiful Clock".

In pure crazy electro zee style ;-)


Mike Zee
Posted on Wednesday, December 18, 2002 - 09:41 pm:   

thank you, KoCha.

I've gotta try to find time to actually hand-made/paint etc the dub-clock someday, something in the same style as Carelessly Guilty paintings.
It may be a some 'project' to do ..heh heh :)

/Mike Zee

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