The Wilfred Limonious Archive

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The Wilfred Limonious Archive


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Who is Wilfred Limonious?
Limonious is a graphic artist who created many of the most memorable jamaican LP covers of the eighties and early nineties. His work remained relatively unknown outside of Jamaica because most of these records were never released internationally. Reggae and Dancehall aficionados frequenting vinyl import stores around the globe however often keep fond memories of these rare records not only due to the music but also because of Limonious' vivid and often hilarious illustrations. Digging deeper into the crates one will also find examples that go beyond the often cited cartoon characters. Particularly his hand-made renditions of those geometric shapes that were ubiquitous in the eighties have a charm of their very own.
Unfortunately little can be found on the web about his personal life apart from the fact that he has passed away in the first years of the new millenium (source: 
forum post  by user kalcidis at Since Dec 2010 there is a very recommendable blog  "INFINESTYLE" where writer Chris published findings from his journey to Jamaica. He interviewed friends, family and colleagues of Limonious and also discovered illustrations done by Limonious which have not been seen on the web before.

About this Site
Since there exists no official Limonious website I decided to create this archive of cover scans which I have collected from the web. You can find here a listing of all currently known albums featuring limonious artwork together with scans of the illustrations. Particular attention was paid to include both sides of the covers wherever possible, even if only one side has illustrations by Limonious. This makes sense because in many cases the illustration relates or comments what's to be seen on the other side.

Register and Participate!
As you will see some of the covers are still missing and many scans collected from the web are of low resolution. If you have albums with Limonious artwork in your reach why don't you create your own scans and submit them for all to enjoy? As a registered user you can also get in contact with other users and add your comments to the existing data base entries. Any feedback regarding mistakes, incorrectly credited artwork and the like are highly welcome. Registration is free, quick and easy, all you need is a working email adress - Just follow the link!

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