The Wilfred Limonious Archive

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Cover Art by Other Artists

In this table you can find album covers of similar style done by other artists. Some are contemporaries of Limonious while others are recent designs which are clearly inspired by the jamaican style of the eighties.

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Artist Title Label Year Front Cover Back Cover Artwork Uploaded by
Half Pint Money Man Skank Jammy's 1984 Front Cover Back Cover ? interruptor
Josie Wales & Early B Josie Wales meets Early B Sonic Sounds Front Cover Back Cover Fred Allen interruptor
Major Lazer Guns Don'T Kill People...Lazers Do Downtown 2009 Front Cover ? interruptor
Phenom Melody Style Generator One Ton 2007 Front Cover Back Cover Phenomious interruptor
VA J.R. Productions All Fruits Ripe VP 1992 Front Cover ? interruptor
VA King Tubby presents Soundclash Dubplate Style Firehouse 1988 Front Cover Back Cover ? interruptor
VA The Pitch - Bogle Mania Front Cover ? interruptor
VA Cross the Border Front Cover ? interruptor
VA Taxo presents sound of the 90's Taxi Front Cover ? interruptor
VA Dancehall Daughters Front Cover ? interruptor